Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Vintage Turquoise Fiesta Pottery Pitchers

Purging my vintage collections starting with Vintage Fiestaware Pottery 

                                                        Vintage Blue Fiesta Pottery Pitcher

Fiestaware Pottery History

 Fiestaware has an enthusiastic following.  Even if you're not an admirer of vintage, you've probably heard of Fiestaware Pottery. 

Created by the Homer Laughlin Company in 1936, it quickly became a popular household brand of dinnerware.  The original collection consisted of 34 pieces.  The dishes were available in bright, bold hues, and made to mix and match. The inspiration and design for this popular pottery came from Frederick Hurten Rhead who wanted a fresh, contemporary, Art Decor inspired dinnerware, with bold geometric shapes and bright colors.  One of his influences was the colorful, vibrant hues in pottery of the Mediterranean region.                                   

My Vintage Fiestaware Pottery Pitcher

I'm currently in the process of purging a ton of my vintage collections. Honestly, I just have too much stuff and I'm not giving it the attention it deserves.  I love my collections, but it's time some of them find new homes.  Homes where they will be enjoyed all over again. 

I started with my vintage pitchers.

I had a small collection of vintage green, turquoise and blue pitchers. They were from various makers like, Hall, USA Pottery, and Fiesta.  I decided to sell three of them.  I ended up keeping the vintage turquoise Hall Pottery.  I liked the color and the shape, and that it was marked Hall on the bottom.   
The rest I took to the shop to sell. I couldn’t believe how many people wanted the Fiesta one! 

All but one found a home. No worries though. The last one will find a new home eventually. We have Shop Hop coming up. That usually brings in vintage shoppers. As for the one I kept, I plan on using it this Spring as a vase for fresh cut tulips and other Spring Flowers! 🌷
What do you collect? Are you currently purging too? Anything you absolutely can’t part with? 

                                        Vintage turquoise Hall Pottery Pitcher 

Vintage Blue Fiestaware Pottery Pitcher 

Fiesta Makers Mark 


Tuesday, February 6, 2024

How to brighten up your space with indoor houseplants and greenery  

Whether it's faux greenery, or indoor houseplants, both help add life and color to a room.

Benefits of greenery and indoor houseplants

First of all, homes, rooms, even office spaces, they just look better with a bit of green. The color signifies life, rejuvenation and reminds us of nature. As colorful and bright as it can be, it can also be a very calming color, reminding us of harmony and balance.  There are so many beautiful shades of green and just as many varieties of houseplants. 

Indoor houseplant display featuring gnomes, watering cans and floating fish

Faux Greenery

Most of us have a houseplant or two, or three. But some of us weren't born with a green thumb.  If that's the case, we can bring in the color green in faux greenery and indoor houseplants   Nowadays, fake plants are much better than they were a decade ago.  Vendors now strive to make greenery and house plants look realistic, even to the point of calling them real touch.   Fake houseplants can actually be deceiving when mixed with live plants in your decorating. I personally love mixing the two in my home.

Ideas on how to decorate with greenery and houseplants

 At Tattered Tiques, we sell a variety of faux greenery and houseplants. Using small half spheres or sprigs of greenery on a shelf, mantle, or in a small vignette, helps add life to the space.  It helps bring the eye around the room and create interest.   Hanging a larger candle ring of boxwood or baby's grass to a cabinet door is pretty and helps highlight the cabinet and the collection inside.  Hang a small wreath or candle ring to a kitchen window or pantry door to brighten up the space.  Candle rings and half spears are great used in a table top display in the kitchen, dining room, or on a coffee table. Decorate a mantle with large swags of greenery like eucalyptus, in the warmer months, and evergreen in the winter months.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to faux greenery.  

Fake ferns, and terra cotta bird feeder

                                    Indoor Houseplants

The popularity of houseplants is no new thing.  It surged a few years ago due to the pandemic.  During that time, we craved new spaces at home.  We redecorated, completed home projects, and fell in love with houseplants all over again.  Small plant shops even popped up across the country.  Thank goodness for that. Nowadays we have so many more options on where to shop for indoor houseplants. We don't need to rely on big box stores and their limited inventory. 

With all the options, there's a plant for everyone, as well as every situation. We find that most plants like medium to high light conditions, however, there are plenty of low light options too.  So, depending on your space, there's probably a plant that will work for you.  

We carry a wide range of plants at Tattered Tiques.  I like to call them boutique plants.  This is because they are plants you don't see that often, except in small shops like ours. Things like myrtle topiaries, baby's tears, herb topiaries, baby rubber plant, and angel vine just to name a few.  Stop in sometime and pick one up!

Selection of Indoor Houseplants

High light plants we carry:

Myrtle Topiary - like bright indirect light and require more water than most plants. Water well once a week and give them a splash in between waterings. Myrtle will droop and leaves may curl up when thirsty.  Myrtle requires haircuts to keep a neat topiary ball shape, or you can let them grow for a more natural look.

Lavender Topiary - Bright light to direct sun. Water well weekly. Water midweek if the lavender appears droopy.  Lavender don't like wet feet, but do like a splash of water now and then in between waterings. 

 Rubber Plant - Bright indirect light.  Water once a week. This is one of the easiest plants to care for.  If you forget to water Rubber Plant, it will forgive you.  Dust its beautiful shiny leaves from time to time.  

Chinese Money Plant / Friendship Plant - Bright indirect light. Likes high humidity.  Does well in terrariums. Water once a week.  Dust the beautiful disc shaped leaves when needed. 

Goldfish Plant - Bright indirect light. Water once a week.  Blooms are large orange tubular flowers that resemble goldfish.  One of the easiest plant to care for.

Herb Topiaries - Rosemary and Greek Basil. Both of these plants require bright light, and enjoy direct sun. Water well once a week, and give them a splash throughout the week. Greek basil will droop if he's thirsty.  

Myrtle Topiary

Goodwin Creek Lavender Topiary

Medium to Low light plants we carry:

Baby's Tears - Medium light required. Water once a week from below if possible.  Place in a bowl or tray of water to allow plant to absorb water from its roots.  This method keeps the delicate little leaves from being crushed from above waterings.  

Angelvine  -  Likes moderate light and requires more water than most. Water well once a week and give them a splash later in the week. Feel free to give them a haircut when needed.  Easy to train on a topiary shaped wire.  

Sellaganella Moss - Low to medium light.  Water once a week from below if possible. 

Wandering Dude - Medium to bright light. Water well once a week. 

Selaginella Moss

Friday, January 19, 2024

White Painted Furniture by Jolie Home

Pure White Paint by Jolie does the trick on these quick furniture flips 

So usually I'm using the Noir or Graphite by Jolie Home to paint my furniture.  I felt like changing things up and decided on the Pure White.  I recently acquired a dresser and similar set of night stands I had to get painted.  I lightly sanded all three pieces since they were just a bit slick. Unfortunately they all needed 4 coats of the pure white paint. You just never know with the whites.  Usually the whites need a couple extra coats to cover well. I find this with all white paints. The good thing is, that paint dries quickly, so it doesn't slow you down.

After they were painted they were then sealed for protection. I used  clear wax on the dresser and Jolie varnish on the nightstands. I LOVE the Jolie varnish! 

The dresser's drawer pulls were a bit outdated looking, so they got an update with a bit of gold gilding. They turned out great and now look much less dated. Have you used gold gilding before on your paint projects?

Have a peek at the pieces below.  

What projects are you currently working on?
Need paint? 
Stop by the shop for all your Jolie Home Paint goods.  
Not local? Then shop 

Quick furniture transformation on this dated vintage dresser using Pure White Paint by Jolie

Gold gilding did the trick on these old drawer pulls.   

It's not easy to find a nice set of matching nightstands to flip. So happy with these.

Thursday, January 18, 2024

 January Shop Scenes 

Need help decorating for Winter? We've got lots of new home decor this month, including a few old favorites. PLUS, a whole batch of houseplants arrived last week. Here's a quick peek. 

Antique Candle Company candles fill an antique vintage chippy cubby surrounded by beautiful home decor and ferns
I love how these new floral prints look on the wall. They really fill in a large space.  Each sold separately. Notice the large crocks underneath with the ferns and olive tree. LOVE these. 
Faux Olive Tree in while Cottage crock
How cute are they?!  I love that they say White Cottage Stoneware Company. Cute, neutral, and just about anyone can use these. Plus, we have them in a few different sizes. They are perfect for our olive trees and favorite ferns.  
LED Display Lanterns with 6 hour timer Black wrought iron lantern
These lanterns are new too. They are LED bulbs and have a 6 hr on and 18 hr off timer.  

Terracotta bird feeder with faux ferns and greenery Spring decor 2024
Look at these faux ferns!  They are pretty fantastic. Obsessed with the big one. How cute is the terracotta bird feeder?
Dog dauschund planter flower pot
These sweet dachshund dog planters are back in stock too.  Super cute planters. Perfect for plants, or just about anything you need to corral.   
Antique Candle Co candles and gold candle snuffer and snips
Finally got the candle snuffers and candle snips back in stock. These make a great addition to add to our  candles to make a nice gift. 
houseplants live plants boxwood myrtle topiary wire cloche lavender topiary angel vine

Houseplants are here! 
Pick up a little a little fresh greenery. 
If you haven't been in in a while, we hope you plan on stopping by this month.  We are OPEN Wednesday thru Saturday 10-3, Sunday 11-2.  See you soon!

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Antiques & Vintage Trending in 2023

I hear that antiques and vintage will be trending in 2023! How exciting is that?! We at Tattered Tiques’s love to go antiquing, thrifting, road tripping and more for good old vintage.  We haven’t met a flea market we didn’t like.  When we are out picking, we see such amazing things. Some of those make it home with us. Heck, many a roadside treasure have even made it home with us. Over the years, we’ve managed to bring home a good assortment of cool vintage.  Things like ironstone pitchers, globes, old scales, maps, seed boxes, vintage alarm clocks, yard photos, signs and so much more have made their way home with us. Flea markets are the biggest culprit! Over the years, we’ve managed to fill entire cars, trailers and rental trucks from flea marketing. Memorable road trips to places like Springfield Extravaganza in Ohio will never be forgotten, and neither will all the vintage goodness that we found.  Take a peek at these old photos I found. 

Years ago we showcased some of our favorite pieces and collections from our homes.  

This was my vintage globe collection. 

This was one of my favorites.

This is an old shoe rack mom(Nancy) transformed into a shelf. 

How great is this old seed box she has?  These are not that easy to find these days…if you do find one, they are REALLY expensive.  I think she paid under $40 for this one. 

The shoe rack also holds her antique ironstone pitcher collection.

We all have our own version of this collection. Ironstone pitchers are a weakness of ours. 

This is part of Julie's.

This is a MINOR part of Anne's.
  The truth is…we all LOVE these old pitchers and we all have a pretty good selection of them. 

Have you seen antique yard photos?  They are so cool!

I used to have a large collection on a wall in my living room.

I love the blank and white group photos.  

We used to sell yard photos at the shop, and may still have some in back. 

This was one of Anne's favorite pieces.  It used to be in her chicken coop.  It's an old galvanized nesting box from Iowa.  The old hardware sign above is a great piece too.  She got it for $20 and it's double sided!

What do you collect? Are you a lover of antiques and vintage? 

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Welcome back to our blog!

 I came across our ORIGINAL blog!  I noticed that it actually was still getting views everyday. This blog was started over 10 years ago...that's crazy.  So here I am, writing a post for those who still see them. Thank you to whoever you are.  If you're local, please stop by and see us. If you're not, visit us online. Website linked below. We frequently add new merchandise, so make sure to check it out. 

💙 Julie