Monday, July 15, 2013

This week at the shop

We've been busy at the shop this past week, so thanks to everyone who has come out! I snapped a few pictures the other day.

We picked up this great table last week up north. 

Love all the chippyness!

We also picked up these great old buckets.

The graphics are wonderful.  They are from Bombay India, and transferred glycerine to the States during WWII.

Mom put together this adorable flower filled basket this week.  It would be so cute on a front door.

We have a few sailboats left in the shop.  They are perfect for summer decorating.

We also have sweet little glasses and beachy place mats this week.

How cute is this glass?  They are a great size.

We pulled out the old recipe card bundles.  We have sold a "bundle" of  these in the past.

I can't believe this bed was still around.  It is so perfect for a guest room or little girls room, or cottage, or beach house, or get the point. Kris from Junk Chic Cottage actually picked this bed up the other day.....yeah!

I used to collect old hat boxes.  I just think they are so great stacked, and are perfect for storing stuff.

Some of them actually have the owners notes still on them.  This particular box held quite a few hats.

This one is from The French Room at Marshall Fields.

I can't stress enough how perfect these flower vases are for large bloom flowers.  They are perfect for hydrangea's.

Mom also got busy this week and made more runners.  We have a few French themed ones, and she even made a few regular burlap ones a little longer than usual. 

Well, there you have it.  Thanks to all those who came out this past week, and hopefully if you haven't stopped by, you will Tuesday.  We will be open Tuesday from 9am to noon.  Have a great week everyone!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Welcome Home

My Annabelle Hydrangea's welcomed me home yesterday, after a wonderful 4th of July weekend up north.

They are bursting with full, beautiful white blooms.

We always use Annabelle's in the shop to fill flower vases.  We are always getting asked what they are.  For this reason, I thought I'd share a little information on them.

 Arborescens or 'Annabelle' are deciduous shrubs that have a long bloom season.  They like partial sun, and can reach up to 5 feet tall by 5 feet wide.  They are cold hardy in zones 4 - 9, and are rather fast growing.  They also require regular watering.   Annabelle's have beautiful white blooms in the summer which later turn green, followed by a wonderful brown in the fall.

My Annabelle's get picked all season long, and pruned a bit in the spring.  During dry spells, I give them a little more water than usual.  Besides that, I just let them go.  Before a big rainstorm, it's good to go out and gather some blooms, because the bushes get tossed about, and end up looking very messy and droopy until they dry off.  Picture a Peony bush after a storm. That's sort of what mine look like for a short time afterwards.  But they do "pop" back up quickly. 
These pics were taken last week during the paint class on Wednesday.

As you can see, just a week and a half earlier, they had much smaller blooms were far less white.

In my opinion, you can't go wrong with one of these hardy, ever giving shrubs.  I just love the fact that from spring till fall I have beautiful blooms to fill vases with.  Have a wonderful week, and stop by the shop.  We will be open this coming Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, July 11th, 12th and 13th, as well as Tuesday from 9-12.