Thursday, April 24, 2014

Vintage Shop Hop

We are so excited to be a part of the Vintage Shop Hop!  Over 190 antique and vintage shops in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin will join forces on April 25th and 26th in support of each other.

  Some shops will be offering sales and discounts.  Tattered Tiques will have a raffle you can enter to win a "Vintage Girl" t-shirt and flea market tote....perfect for a day of junking! So show a little vintage love and stop by the shop this weekend and see us.  We will be joining forces with Steeplechase Antiques in Barrington, and Lucky Junk in Arlington Heights.  These shops are fabulous and are run by the sweetest ladies!  If you haven't been to either, please pay them a visit and tell them the Tattered Tiques girls sent you!
For a complete list of shops participating visit click on the notes tab at the top.  Then you can pick which region you'd like to         visit.                                                                                                          

We hope you pay us a visit this weekend!  Happy Junking everyone! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My peeps

How cute is this magazine cover!?

I almost collapsed when I saw it.

Inside, they show you more "Chicks in Hats" and tell you about the woman that takes the photos. She sells her them on Etsy.  Check out her Facebook page for more ADORABLE pics.


 Spring is chick season and it is the most exciting time of the year for "crazy chicken ladies" like myself.  It's when I get to add more girls to my crew.  These are two of my chicks from last year.  Can't wait for my phlox to bloom this year!

   How cute  were my americauna chicks last year?  I only ended up keeping 2 of these little girls.

 Here's Rosy eating my flowers last summer.   Shoo girl!

 Rex is always nearby…keeping watch over his girls.

Speaking of Rex…this was his daddy.  Oh how I miss seeing this beauty strut across my back yard. 

These are my 2 new chicks from this year…Cinnamon and Charm.

Last summer, I finally got the coop I've always wanted. It wasn't finished till the end of summer, so it isn't fully decorated yet, but I plan on getting in there as soon as the weather gets nice to finish making her pretty.  My girls love vintage and pretty things….so that's what they'll get!  I'm thinking crystal chandeliers, buntings, paintings….you know, normal coop stuff!

These are their nesting boxes.  Vintage galvanized boxes from Iowa.  They love them and their hardware sign…they give me plenty of eggs to show their appreciation!

Thanks of letting my gush about my girls…I love love love my girls! Stay tuned for finished photos of the coop…hoping to have it done by summer!