Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bawk, Bawk Easter Bunny!

IMG_0735 Meet my new chick "Marge".  She is a Silkie and hopefully a little girl.If you stopped by the store this past weekend, you probably met her.  I thought it would be appropriate to introduce you to her on Easter!

This is where she hangs most of the day, except I'm usually wearing the apron.  I bought her with a buddy, but her buddy didn't make it, so she is flying solo, and she gets really lonely.  SO, I carry her around in my apron all day.  However, she does get out to play....

The boys push her around in their Ninja Turtle van. This is actually only one of her rides....she has a couple.  Her others include a spiderman race car, and a Tonka truck.  

I actually caught them teaching Augie "how to make dinner."  Lucky for Marge, she will never meet this fate.

Happy Easter everyone!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's an Earth Day Birthday!

Happy Birthday Annie! 

Marie 026 a1 (673x800) 
I wish I could give you million beautiful bouquets for your special day. But we both know that's never going to happen, so, instead, you will have to work for me today at our pretend shop, and enjoy this beautiful blog in your honor.  These pics were taken at the Chicago Botanical Garden last week (Anne didn't get to go because someone had to stay home and babysit, she got the short end of the stick). Man, I am the worst big sister ever!  I'm just kidding around!  I love my little sister very much and I hope she has a wonderful Birthday! 

In honor of Anne's Birthday, and the fact that it's Earth Day, I hope you all enjoy these amazing flower pictures I took.

Garden show 035 (800x600) 

Snapdragons, roses, stock, ranaculus, delphinium

Garden show 031 (800x600) 
Tulips, ranaculus

Garden show 029 (800x600) 
Frilly tulips

Garden show 036 (800x600) 
Yellow roses and stock

Garden show 033 (800x600) 
Hydreanga, orange and yellow roses

Garden show 027 (800x600) 

Garden show 034 (600x800) 
Sweet Heart style roses, sweet peas, and lilacs

All amazing and beautiful just like my sister!!  Happy Birthday Annie, and Happy Earth Day to the rest of you! 

P.S. Do something nice for the Earth today!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Open for Business!!

We are officially open for business!!!  This is a picture of our hadn't been hung yet at the time of the picture, but if you come out, you'll see it proudly hanging over our door!  As always, it features our "tattered terrier."  Mom did the sign you ask? I have no idea, but she did an AMAZING job!

Here's a glimpse of the main area of the shop(warehouse).  

Our favorite piece by far is the numbered cabinet in the back. It came from a farm in Iowa. It would look fabulous in someone's mud room or back hall. I wish I had a mud room or a back hall!

I love the colors in this corner of the room.  They play off the vintage classroom map on the wall. We picked up the map in Lake Geneva, the trunk in Eagle River, Wisconsin, and the pink pie safe in Maiden Rock, Minnesota....yes our wares come from everywhere!

This is a picture from our smaller room.  We picked up this old farm table in Kenosha.  Aren't the ruffled stools the cutest?  Yet another one of mom's ideas.  They are so fab. 

There's Chanel...our dress form...she stands proudly in the center of the room under our fabulous lights. Yes, we named our dress forms, and no, she's not for sale.


Please try and come out and see us!  We've worked so hard to pull this off, and would love for our "pretend" shop to become real!  You can make it real!  

We will be open Thursday and Friday from 10-5 and on Saturday from 10-3.  Check our website for more info-  Hope to see you soon!


Sunday, April 17, 2011


I had seen an adorable idea a while back that I told my mom about.  Of course it did not take her long to find the main component, an old bingo game.  Mom's version is absolutely adorable!  We are bringing it along to the garden show tomorrow in Northbrook. 

Garden show 070 (800x600) 
Look how cute this it! 

Garden show 068 (800x600) 
It's closeup.  I just love this little thing.  If you happen to be at the garden convention tomorrow, stop by for a visit. 

Mom and I also went to the Chicago Botanic Garden's Antiques and Garden Fair last week, so I'll post some pictures this week.  There were amazing antiques and tons of gorgeous flowers!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pansy Pots

We have been very busy crafting and getting our shop ready for its big opening next week.  We also have the Garden Clubs of Illinois convention next Monday.  Tonight I made some chalkboard pots to put flowers in.  These pots would be cute holding supplies also!

Flower pots 006 (600x800) 
Sorry about the quality of the picture.  It was taken at night.

Flower pots 005 (800x600) 
Anything with a number on it is cute.  Even a little flower pot!

Flower pots 001 (800x600) 
I can't wait to plant herbs in these.  They will look adorable on my windowsill. 

Mom and I are headed to the Chicago Botanic Garden's Antique's and Garden Fair tomorrow.  Can't wait to see what's there.  It runs Friday through Sunday, from 10am to 5pm.  Check it out!