Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fun Summer Banners

Mom made these fun summer banners with some burlap and twine.  She put precious crocheted doily's on one of them and adorned the other with seastars and shells.  Can't wait for summer!

Both can be purchased on our Etsy site.  Just click the pic!

Romantic Summer Banner

Summer Seastar Banner 


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Beloved Bloodhound

This week our good friend Addison left us.  She was Anne's oldest bloodhound, and my favorite.  Addison would stay with us when Anne and Matt went out of town.  We were lucky for that.  We just recently, this month in fact, had Addison here with us for a week.  I took some pictures of her while she was here.  She will be missed!

2010 182

She tolerated our 8 month old puppy nipping at her heels all week to play.  But, she played, off and on for an entire week.

I took this picture when she was here a couple weeks ago. 

Isn't she adorable!


This was one of my family's favorite memories of Addison.  While visiting a couple of years ago, she got her head stuck in the cat door.  It was hilarious!

Good times Addison, Good times!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's Spring in Julie's backyard!


Vintage Ephemera Jars

I'm always picking up ephemera, old glass jars, old buttons, and odds and ends at flea markets and garage sales.  Since my craft room is overflowing with all this stuff, I thought I would make some use of it.  I'm always dreaming of my next trip to Paris, so I thought I'd make a "Pennies for Paris" jar.  This in turn led to my "4 Flea'n" jar.  Also, some old ice cream containers that I picked up at Dupage county antique market became cute gift containers.  All of which can be purchased at our Etsy site- http://www.etsy.com/shop/TatteredTique


Bits and peices to inspire.




Gift4u Parisjar

Friday, March 26, 2010

Finally got my Easter decorations out!

I finally got my Easter decorations out today!  Wish I would have done it sooner...it really brings on the feeling of spring.

IMG_7176 IMG_7153
I got this adorable cement lamb at a HUGE outdoor statuary yard in Kentucky on the way home from World's Largest Garage Sale.

The beautiful velvety goose is from Bethany Lowe.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Welcome to our blog!!

Here are some pics of our shop we opened in 2008....just for the summer.  We had so much fun pretending to be real shop owners!  Who cares  if  it was just a garage in the back of an old home in downtown Crystal Lake.  With a little paint on the walls and our flea market finds, we turned that garage into a fabulous little shoppe!

101_0115_0089_1 Notice the floors!!

 Julie can't pass up a vintage suitcase!



One of our specialties is painted furniture. We love old buffets.  They are so versatile.


One of my favorite pieces.  I love everything about it.  The vintage aluminum plant tray, the adorable cement cherub, and the sea star resting in her shell. 




 Speaking of sea stars....we love the beach theme for summer.  Sea stars, shells, and sand grouped together on a table or put in an apothecary jar.

Check the fabulous sand castle on the pedestal.



101_0149_0062  Picked this vintage desk up in Eagle River, Wisconsin and gave it new life.

A favorite of the customers was the vintage folding rulers found on the desk.



Delicate lady slippers placed inside a great old tattered metal box.  


This Art Deco cabinet was actually picked up at the curb.

Old mirror frames are recycled into chalkboards.  Another customer favorite.


A table full of our smalls. Monogram letters, luggage tags, vintage keys and crystals, and frames.  You have to have smalls to keep the cash flowing.


A designer picked up this china cabinet and shipped it to a client in South Carolina.


This was our checkout counter. Mom is seen in the pic writing up a HUGE sale. 

We picked up this sign on our trip to Brimfield, MA and thought it was hysterical.  It fit our shop perfectly.  Visa and Mastercard were NOT accepted.


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