Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sunday At Elkhorn

Elkhorn was great on Sunday!  The weather was beautiful, the shoppers were plenty, and we out did our previous numbers in sales for a market.  So many thanks to all our customers on Sunday, as well as the many customers we have had in the shop over the last few months!  We saw lots of old friends at the market, and made many new ones as well.  Here are some pictures to share, in case you didn't make it out on Sunday.

 ELKHORN 077 (800x600) 
A great old Ice Cream Sandwich sign. Perfect for Summer!  It came out of an old amusement park.

ELKHORN 043 (600x800) 
Does this little gal look familiar?  She graced the cover of Country Living Magazine years back.

ELKHORN 044 (800x600)

ELKHORN 045 (600x800) 
Can you see her on the mantel?  The glare makes it a little difficult.  This is the inside of the vendors home back in 2007.  The vendor, Rick, was the nicest guy ever!  He was so informative, and gave us lots of tips we will be sure to use.  Check out his website

ELKHORN 068 (800x600) 
I love this sign.  It is fabulous.

ELKHORN 067 (800x600) 
This was also in Rick's booth.  Anne was in love with this old metal vent top.  I can't believe she didn't go home with it!  How perfect for summer is the basket of soft balls?  So cute.

ELKHORN 070 (600x800) 
Rick and his wife are from Missouri.  They run a General store which sells primitive antiques, as well as wonderful hand crafted bird houses.  Be sure to check them out!
ELKHORN 055 (800x600) 
Gracie's Cottage anyone?  They had an awesome booth, which was very patriotic! These gals have a great blog you should check out.  Go to to find out where you can find them next.  

ELKHORN 052 (600x800) 
More from Gracie's cottage.  I couldn't pass up a picture of the clocks.  You know how we love clocks here at Tattered Tiques. 

ELKHORN 064 (800x600) 
Talk about Patriotic.  A few booths down from Gracie's Cottage, on the same side, were two more sweet gals, from Alma and Rosa Collectibles. 

ELKHORN 065 (800x600) 
A little red white and blue for your summer kitchen?  They had a ton to choose from.

ELKHORN 060 (800x600) 
ELKHORN 061 (800x600) 
More from Alma and Rosa Collectibles.  Don't you just love these colors together. 

Two other nice gals to visit at the markets, are the Iowa Junk Gypsies.  They always have such great vintage finds.  Julie didn't have her camera when she stopped by for a visit, but check them out online.  They have a fantastic blog!

ELKHORN 057 (800x600) 
These handcrafted tables were awesome.  They were from another vendor who also graced the pages of Country Living Magazine.  Mike from Treasures and Trash is a really nice guy who is also a vendor at Junk Bonanza and Junk Jubilee.  He and his family are very talented artists! 

187102_100001771006439_6011167_n (180x281) 
Remember this?  If you read Country Living Magazine, you might recognize this picture.  This is Mike Brown.  For more on Country Living Magazine, visit 

ELKHORN 003 (800x600) 

And now a little Tattered Tiques.  This blue dresser sold to the nicest couple.

ELKHORN 030 (600x800) 

ELKHORN 025 (800x600) 
Yeah! The chicken coop sold.  We were thrilled to not haul it back home.

ELKHORN 005 (800x600) 
This is an over all shot of our space.  We brought tons of great stuff to this market.  We also sold the Antique Hoosier Cabinet to the funniest guy and his wife.  So glad, it was a great piece, but too big for us to hall back and forth. 

Tattered Tiques will be back at Elkhorn on August 14th.  We will also be open the weekend after the 4th of July.  July 7th, 8th, and 9th.  We hope to see you there!  Thanks again to all the shoppers at the market, and especially to all the devoted Tattered Tiques Shop shoppers!!  In the mean time, we will all be spending the week of the 4th up in Eagle River at the cabin.  Hopefully we will find tons of great treasures in the north woods to share with you at our next sale!  See you then.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything

A little bit of everything.  That's what you get at Tattered Tiques shop.  We have new crafts, new furniture, and even new smalls. 

New Glarus 004 (600x800) 
I don't know if you recognize this coffee server, but it was very tarnished the first few sales.  We thought it was really fab the way it was.  Look at her now.  She is beautiful.

New Glarus 016 (800x600) 
Adorable basket full of goodies.

New Glarus 015 (800x600) 
Our newest blue dresser.

New Glarus 019 (800x600) 
I have a thing for old snack trays.  I think they make the best little dishes to keep jewerly and such on, on a dresser.  

 New Glarus 023 (800x600)

New Glarus 032 (800x600) 
Mom's newest pillows.

New Glarus 036 (800x600) 
Sorry about the window glare.  This picture is one of my favorite new pieces in the shop.  It is adorable.

New Glarus 026 (600x800) 
Mom's version of a vintage feed sack stripe.  So perfect on this chair.

New Glarus 035 (600x800) 
The cutest soon to be bride bought this dresser at the last sale, along with some other great finds.

New Glarus 041 (600x800) 
We love the way this little cabinet turned out.  It is the perfect size for a bedroom.  With ample room on top for a tv or even better, a vintage inspired vignette!

New Glarus 045 (800x600) 
We continue to add white painted arm chairs.  They are are big seller.

New Glarus 027 (800x600) 
Something for the cottage?  How about a vintage paint by number.

New Glarus 039 (600x800) 
Perfect for a nursery. 

New Glarus 022 (600x800) 
Getting ready for the 4th of July! 

New Glarus 062 (600x800) 
Mom used some old buckets and a little paint, and voila.  Adorable. 

New Glarus 060 (800x600) 
New 4th of July inspiried gift tags.

New Glarus 072 (600x800) 
More feed sack design. Both vintage and newly created.

New Glarus 058 (600x800) 
Vintage letter bundles.  Many of the letters are from WWII. 

New Glarus 051 
New Glarus 067 (800x600) 
Anne has lots of new crowns in the store.

New Glarus 068 (800x600) 
New Glarus 011 (600x800) 
New Glarus 048 (800x600) 

New Glarus 064 (600x800) 
This is not a new piece for us, it's just such a great piece, it deserves some new attention.

On Sunday, we will be vendors at Elkhorn Antique Market in Elkhorn Wisconsin.  Our booth number is #1357.  We will be crossing our fingers that we will have good weather!  If so, It could be a bonanza of a market, considering the first one of the season was a big rain out.  So, wear some comfortable shoes, and stop by for a visit.

   Elkhorn Antique Market is located at 411 East Court Street, Elkhorn, Wisconsin.  Visit for more info.





Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weekend Trip

This past weekend, my family and I took off for Father's Day and headed to southern Wisconsin, to the New Glarus, Dodgeville area.  It is only a few hours drive for us, and it is such a beautiful ride. My husband loves to fly fish, so we are always in search of a good stream to pull over at.  We always drive up through New Glarus and stop at the Brewery to fill up on Spotted Cow, and Fat Squirrel.  If you've never been to New Glarus Wisconsin, please go, you will not be disappointed!  It is a beautiful drive, and such a great little town.

New Glarus 080 (800x600) 
This was the first stream we stopped at. 

New Glarus 078 (600x800) 

And this was the road it was on.  A road into the middle of nowhere.  Just were we wanted to be!

New Glarus 101 (600x800) 
This was in bloom all over.  Dill maybe?  It was spectacular.

New Glarus 180 (800x600) 
The New Glarus Brewing company.  It is an awesome day trip destination (even with kids).  This place is beautiful in all regards!  The buildings, the landscaping, the decorating, all beautiful. No detail was left out here.

New Glarus 112 (800x600) 

What an entrance. 

New Glarus 116 (800x600) 

The backside.  There is a little beer garden off the gift shop.  There is also a beer tasting room with samples of all the beer.

New Glarus 117 (600x800) 
These little guys hang out in the beer garden.  I wish I new where them came from, they were adorable.

New Glarus 119 (600x800) (2) 
New Glarus 142 (800x600) 
See what I mean about beautiful.  Even the inside of this place was amazing.  Check out those floors, and all the metal rails have carved deer every so often. 
New Glarus 144 (600x800) 

New Glarus 171 (800x600) 
Now for the good stuff.

New Glarus 172 (800x600) 
What's your favorite New Glarus beer?  Our favorite is Spotted Cow.

New Glarus 168 (600x800) 
This one is called Two Women. Go to their website to get more info.

New Glarus 183 (800x600) 
A Swiss Chalet anyone?  How about the Chalet Landhaus Inn.  Located in New Glarus.

New Glarus 186 (600x800) 
Notice the decorated cow.  They were all over town.

New Glarus 194 (600x800) 
Chalet of the Golden Fleece.

New Glarus 199 (800x600) 
New Glarus 192 (800x600) 
These crests hang above an antique store in town along the side of the building.  Glarnerladen Antiques and Collectibles.

New Glarus 191 (800x600) 
New Glarus 189 (800x600) 
New Glarus 201 (800x600) 
New Glarus Hotel.

New Glarus 210 (800x600) 
Even the lumber company in town is cute!  For more information on visiting New Glarus, check this out

New Glarus 295 (800x600) 
Here come the girls!  While my husband fished at another stream, I took the kids down the road to visit with the local wildlife.  They (the cows) were so curious.  They came over immidiately to see us.

New Glarus 236 (800x600) 
My favorite version of a "Spotted Cow". 

New Glarus 301 (800x600) 
Group shot.  How funny are they.  It's like I told them to get together for a picture.  After this picture they all came over to the fence to hang out with us.  They were adorable!

New Glarus 316 (800x600) 
This gal was my favorite.  She was right in front the whole time stealing our attention.

New Glarus 331 (600x800) 
See what I mean.  New Glarus 330 (800x600)
I may have walked back to the car with one less finger or hand for that matter, but I wouldn't of cared.  I adored these cows.  They were so sweet. 

New Glarus 289 (600x800) 
Another picturesc stream for fishing.

New Glarus 230 (800x600) 
More beautiful Wisconsin.  This area is filled with rolling hills. 

New Glarus 280 (800x600) 
New Glarus 356 (600x800) 
Ok, I am embarresed to admit that, on this trip I took 97 pictures of cows.  Only three of which were of fake cows!  Anyone who knows me well enough, knows that it's a life long dream of mine to own my own cow someday.  Along with a donkey of course!  That may explain the 97 cow pictures anyway. Notice the number on this cows ear.  The exact number of live cow pics taken on this trip!

New Glarus 368 (800x600) 
Old broken down trucks are one of my favorite subjects for pictures. 

As I was finishing this blog, I opened up my newest copy of Midwest Living magazine.  It features an artical on southern Wisconsin.  It also mentions the brewery.  How bizarre is that?   

 Some websites to checkout: , choose Wisconsin, then Southern Hills area,

I am headed back up to Wisconsin this weekend with Mom and Anne.  We will be at the Elkhorn Antique Market on Sunday.  Come see us!