Friday, October 28, 2011

Maple and Magnolia

One of the best parts about doing what we do, is when you get to see where one of your "picks" ends up or what someone does with it.  Well, one of our good friends and best customer is Susan Haskins of Maple and Magnolia.  We are so glad she found our shop and continues to visit us.  She has such a unique eye for things and even better knack for incorporating her finds into her beautiful old farmhouse.  Her blog is such a great place to find inspiration and ideas.  


Recently, she came in and bought this old sign we had found.

This is what she did with it. It looks amazing!  Check her blog to see how she got the look and where she hung it in her house. It looks fab!


She also took home this BEAUTIFUL old cash register drawer last week.  Such a great piece! Her husband is going to use it as a caddy on his dresser to hold his change and what nots.  Great idea!


Picket fence
One of my favorite ideas of hers was to use this old fence section to hang jewelry on.  So clever! We still have a couple of these fence sections left if you want to re-create Susan's look!


Here's a collection of antlers she found at Tattered Tiques.


And here's how she displayed them in her entry.  Once again, genius.  The genius is that she hung 3 sets instead of just one.  As Susan would say, "Perfection!"


Check out Susan's blog, Maple and Magnolia, to see more inspiring ideas and uses for your fabulous vintage finds.  And if you're looking for some items to work with, stop by Tattered Tiques and grab your own fabulous find and show us how you display it in your home!  We love to see where our "picks" end up and the new life they are given!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lavender Sachet Tutorial

I just finished making 10 lavender sachets for a customer, and along the way I took some pictures in case I thought it would make a good tutorial.  Well, since it's 11:01pm and Lily and I are still wide awake, I thought I would share.  First of all I have to say my pictures were taken in the kitchen, in the evening, so the lighting is bad, and, the lavender sachets are very crudely made!  I'm not really talented when it comes to sewing, that's Anne Marie.  I can however sew very simple, things. 

Lavender sachets 007 (800x600)
First I started with the muslin, which is always on hand for ribbon.  I figured out how wide I wanted my square, and snipped, and ripped.

Lavender sachets 010 (800x600)
Then I figured out how long I wanted them to be, and I cut all the way up the long muslin piece, about the same legnth each time.  When I was done, I was left with 10 long pieces about 10 inches long each.

Lavender sachets 012 (800x600)
After cutting them all in half, I pinned them together with their mate, and ironed them.

Lavender sachets 013 (800x600)
Here is the muslin with the burlap square I cut and stamped earlier.  The burlap squares are about 3 1/3 by 3 inches, some being a bit larger.  You could always skip the burlap part and just stamp the muslin instead.  I happen to like the mix of the two fabrics. 

Lavender sachets 015 (800x600)

The next step it to start attaching the burlap to the muslin. I grabbed a muslin pair, and separated it,  choose one square and with a zig zag stitch, attached the burlap square.

Lavender sachets 018 (800x600)

I back stiched the corners to reinforce the burlap, because it frays easily.

Lavender sachets 020 (800x600)
After attaching the burlap, I ironed them all again.  Then I attached the other muslin to its mate.  Sewing along three sides with a straight stitch, then filling with lavender.  I put approximately 4 tablespoons in each.  Then straight stitch the last side and cut along the whole edge with pinking shears.

Lavender sachets 022 (800x600)
They turned out really cute.  I wanted them to look very homemade, to cover myself.  That's part of the reason I choose 2 different stiches, and pinked the edge.  If this was Home Ec class, I would not of received high marks on quality of work!

Lavender sachets 024 (600x800)
And, Done!  So cute, and so simple.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Vintage Laundry Cart

My Birthday was a few days ago, and one of mom's gifts to me was too cute to keep to myself.  I had to share with you what she did.  First of all, she went to this adorable little antique and vintage shop in Lake Barrington, called Tattered Tiques.  She picked up this great old laundry cart, which I had my eye on, ever since it came into the shop.  I have always wanted one.  Well, she brought it home and made a liner for it.  It turned out fabulous.  I just love it!  Thanks mom!

Laundry cart 003 (600x800)
It's great isn't it?  I bet some of you want one for yourself now, don't you.

Laundry cart 007 (600x800)

Laundry cart 006 (800x600)
She created simple ties every so often to attach it to the cart.  She also added casters to the bottem.

I love Birthday surprises like this one, and this just might make doing laundry a tad more fun.

This is the Pottery Barn version for $150.00.  It is practically the same thing, at a portion of the cost.

Don't forget, we will be open this week, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Stop by. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Worn Goods

We try so hard to have new things in the store every week.  Sometimes there are just a few, sometimes there are a ton.  Today, I fell in love with all our new treasures.  I just love all the worn patina and history these things have.

Oct shop 075 (800x600)
I love everything about these old pulleys.  They are wonderful!

Oct shop 087 (800x600)

Oct shop 088 (800x600)

Oct shop 090 (800x600)
It would be very hard to pick a favorite, but if I had too, it would be this black one.  It's so great.

Oct shop 079 (600x800)

Oct shop 096 (800x600)
This picnic basket is so adorable.  I can just imagine all the places and picnics it's been to.

Oct shop 098 (800x600)

Oct shop 102 (800x600)
How cute are these?  They are the best I've seen.  We have sold a lot of vintage cheese boxes over the years, but non have been so perfect and cute as these!

Oct shop 093 (800x600)
We got this great table in today.  It needs just a little love, and maybe some casters to raise it up a bit.  It's a great size.

Oct shop 107 (600x800)
These are the best chippy, shabby, antique, aged and worn chairs ever.  They are just perfect! They made their debut at the Na-Da Farm event last week. 

Oct shop 012 (800x600)
See what I mean? Perfect chippy-ness.

Oct shop 027 (800x600)
Little worn industrial table. 

Oct shop 101 (800x600)
More great baskets. 

Oct shop 069 (800x600)
We have been stocking up on sleds for winter decorating.  I picked these three up on the "Autumn Drive".

Oct shop 067 (600x800)

Oct shop 065 (600x800)

Oct shop 008 (600x800)
These old time card holders would be great to hold notes, pictures and such in a kitchen or office.

Oct shop 023 (800x600)

Great color and advertising on this old wooden box.
Oct shop 024 (800x600)

Well, there you have it.  Worn Goods.  Hope you come out to see all these for yourself.  If you see anything you like, stop by for a visit.  We will be open again next week, October 20th, 21st, and 22nd. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Autumn Drive

This is our post from last October, but I wanted to repost it because The Autumn Drive is going on this weekend, Oct. 14th, 15th, and 16th.  It makes for a perfect "Autumn Drive". I took Rt. 176 out past Crystal Lake, and turned right on Franklinville Rd. 

Looking for something to do this weekend?  

The 18th annual Autumn Drive in rural Mchenry County is this weekend.  Located on Garden Valley Road in Marengo, the festival features 12 stops along this scenic stretch.  Each stop features something different.  There are antiques, garage sales, pumpkins and gourds, arts and crafts and much more!


Stop 5 had rows of pumpkins. Large- $3, Med- $2, Small- $1.

3 for $1??? You can't beat it!

This was not my wagon, but I love what this guy picked out!  By the way, that whole wagon full only cost 6 bucks!


Soran's made his selection. One small pumpkin and 2 pie pumpkins....2 bucks.

Stop 5 also features the "Lunch Barn".  They serve food and drinks in this small outbuilding.

I parked right in front of this old building at stop 5.  Love every thing about this picture...especially the old tire.

When a place like this has a "Garage Sale" sign out front, a 10,000 man army couldn't keep me from pulling in.

OK. I actually got a hot flash when I saw this place.  This right here, is what my dreams are made of.  I LOVED this barn.  I actually asked the owner if she knew how lucky she was.  And her answer made me love this place even more...this barn was actually owned by Capone.  There is a distillery in the basement and a tall brick chimney running through the middle that they used to dump the "hooch" down when the cops came.  It would all drain out into the Kishwaukee River that runs behind the barn.

One more shot of her.  She's just perfect.  She is not part of the "Autumn Drive"...she is located a little south east a couple miles off Rt. 176.

Another fabulous day in the country!




Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Na-Da Farm Event

Hey Everyone!  We had a great weekend on the farm, Na-Da Farm that is!  It was a beautiful setting, with gorgeous weather, and the sweetest, nicest people.  We were so pleased to be a part of the event, and to get to meet so many talented women.  Many of these talented ladies are fellow bloggers that we follow, so it was nice to finally meet them.  We hope you made it out this weekend, but in case you didn't, we have lots of pictures to share. Enjoy!

Na-Da Farm 138 (800x600) 
How beautiful is this setting?  It made for a perfect prairie party.

Na-Da Farm 139 (800x600) 
Can you imagine waking up to this every morning, it must be amazing.

Na-Da Farm 141 (800x600) 
The horse's were in the pasture...

Na-Da Farm 146 (800x600) 
And the chickens in the barnyard.

Na-Da Farm 107 (600x800) 
And the inside of the barn was absolutely dreamy!

Na-Da Farm 109 (600x800) 
The bakery was to die for adorable.  The amazing lady who puts this event on with her family, is Anne Marie.  She did a remarkable job decorating the barn and grounds for the event.  You should check out her Na-Da Farm blog for daily inspiration and to follow her adventures on her midwest farm.

Na-Da Farm 110 (800x600) 

Na-Da Farm 076 (800x600) 
The inside was so inviting.

Na-Da Farm 094 (600x800) 
Walls of hay to create a little room.  Love it!

Na-Da Farm 116 (800x600) 
A swag or garland of just about anything is cute in my opinion. Even feed sacks.

Na-Da Farm 085 (800x600) 
Na-Da Farm 114 (600x800) 
Na-Da Farm 089 (600x800) 
Na-Da Farm 091 (600x800) 
Na-Da Farm 092 (600x800) 

 Na-Da Farm 087 (600x800)
Na-Da Farm 090 (600x800) 
Na-Da Farm 102 (600x800) 
Na-Da Farm 100 (600x800) 

The vendors inside the barn were among Jennifer Rizzo , Polly Hood of Counting Your Blessings,  Christie Carter of Carter's Cottage, Jeanne Oliver of Jeanne Oliver Designs, and Jill Harris of Gypsy Brocante. Some of these ladies even taught art classes at the sale.

Na-Da Farm 081 (800x600) 
Na-Da Farm 113 (800x600) 
Na-Da Farm 080 (800x600) 
Na-Da Farm 111 (600x800) 

Na-Da Farm 073 (800x600) 
At night, the walkway to the barn was lit by candle light. 

Na-Da Farm 159 (800x600) 
Classes were held in the corn crib and animal barns. 

Na-Da Farm 160 (800x600) 
Na-Da Farm 136 (800x600) 
Na-Da Farm 135 (600x800) 
Anne Marie had a beautiful potager. 

Na-Da Farm 002 (800x600) 
This was our tent.

Na-Da Farm 123 (800x600) 
Na-Da Farm 126 (800x600) 
Na-Da Farm 036 (600x800) 

 Na-Da Farm 022 (800x600)
Na-Da Farm 028 (600x800)

Na-Da Farm 031 (600x800)


Na-Da Farm 050 (800x600) 
This vendor had such adorable aprons for sale.  Her display was so pretty.  Visit her etsy site, Ada Lilly Aprons for more info.


Na-Da Farm 059 (800x600) 

Maggie Jane's Vintage tent was so cute. 
Na-Da Farm 060 (800x600) 

Na-Da Farm 056 (600x800) 
Na-Da Farm 057 (600x800) 
Na-Da Farm 058 (600x800) 
If you seen anything you like, visit maggie jane's vintage for more info. 

We were so honored to be a part of this event.  If you missed this sale, Na-Da Farm will have another sale in the spring.  Hopefully we will be a part of that event as well, and hope to see you there too. 

 Also, Tattered Tiques will be open this Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Oct. 13th, 14th, and 15th.  As well as next week, Oct. 20th, 21st, 22nd.  You can visit us at 22029 N. Pepper Road, Unit 2 in Lake Barrington, IL.   Come see what's new.