Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Antiques & Vintage Trending in 2023

I hear that antiques and vintage will be trending in 2023! How exciting is that?! We at Tattered Tiques’s love to go antiquing, thrifting, road tripping and more for good old vintage.  We haven’t met a flea market we didn’t like.  When we are out picking, we see such amazing things. Some of those make it home with us. Heck, many a roadside treasure have even made it home with us. Over the years, we’ve managed to bring home a good assortment of cool vintage.  Things like ironstone pitchers, globes, old scales, maps, seed boxes, vintage alarm clocks, yard photos, signs and so much more have made their way home with us. Flea markets are the biggest culprit! Over the years, we’ve managed to fill entire cars, trailers and rental trucks from flea marketing. Memorable road trips to places like Springfield Extravaganza in Ohio will never be forgotten, and neither will all the vintage goodness that we found.  Take a peek at these old photos I found. 

Years ago we showcased some of our favorite pieces and collections from our homes.  

This was my vintage globe collection. 

This was one of my favorites.

This is an old shoe rack mom(Nancy) transformed into a shelf. 

How great is this old seed box she has?  These are not that easy to find these days…if you do find one, they are REALLY expensive.  I think she paid under $40 for this one. 

The shoe rack also holds her antique ironstone pitcher collection.

We all have our own version of this collection. Ironstone pitchers are a weakness of ours. 

This is part of Julie's.

This is a MINOR part of Anne's.
  The truth is…we all LOVE these old pitchers and we all have a pretty good selection of them. 

Have you seen antique yard photos?  They are so cool!

I used to have a large collection on a wall in my living room.

I love the blank and white group photos.  

We used to sell yard photos at the shop, and may still have some in back. 

This was one of Anne's favorite pieces.  It used to be in her chicken coop.  It's an old galvanized nesting box from Iowa.  The old hardware sign above is a great piece too.  She got it for $20 and it's double sided!

What do you collect? Are you a lover of antiques and vintage? 

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