Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Vintage Turquoise Fiesta Pottery Pitchers

Purging my vintage collections starting with Vintage Fiestaware Pottery 

                                                        Vintage Blue Fiesta Pottery Pitcher

Fiestaware Pottery History

 Fiestaware has an enthusiastic following.  Even if you're not an admirer of vintage, you've probably heard of Fiestaware Pottery. 

Created by the Homer Laughlin Company in 1936, it quickly became a popular household brand of dinnerware.  The original collection consisted of 34 pieces.  The dishes were available in bright, bold hues, and made to mix and match. The inspiration and design for this popular pottery came from Frederick Hurten Rhead who wanted a fresh, contemporary, Art Decor inspired dinnerware, with bold geometric shapes and bright colors.  One of his influences was the colorful, vibrant hues in pottery of the Mediterranean region.                                   

My Vintage Fiestaware Pottery Pitcher

I'm currently in the process of purging a ton of my vintage collections. Honestly, I just have too much stuff and I'm not giving it the attention it deserves.  I love my collections, but it's time some of them find new homes.  Homes where they will be enjoyed all over again. 

I started with my vintage pitchers.

I had a small collection of vintage green, turquoise and blue pitchers. They were from various makers like, Hall, USA Pottery, and Fiesta.  I decided to sell three of them.  I ended up keeping the vintage turquoise Hall Pottery.  I liked the color and the shape, and that it was marked Hall on the bottom.   
The rest I took to the shop to sell. I couldn’t believe how many people wanted the Fiesta one! 

All but one found a home. No worries though. The last one will find a new home eventually. We have Shop Hop coming up. That usually brings in vintage shoppers. As for the one I kept, I plan on using it this Spring as a vase for fresh cut tulips and other Spring Flowers! 🌷
What do you collect? Are you currently purging too? Anything you absolutely can’t part with? 

                                        Vintage turquoise Hall Pottery Pitcher 

Vintage Blue Fiestaware Pottery Pitcher 

Fiesta Makers Mark 


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