Friday, October 28, 2011

Maple and Magnolia

One of the best parts about doing what we do, is when you get to see where one of your "picks" ends up or what someone does with it.  Well, one of our good friends and best customer is Susan Haskins of Maple and Magnolia.  We are so glad she found our shop and continues to visit us.  She has such a unique eye for things and even better knack for incorporating her finds into her beautiful old farmhouse.  Her blog is such a great place to find inspiration and ideas.  


Recently, she came in and bought this old sign we had found.

This is what she did with it. It looks amazing!  Check her blog to see how she got the look and where she hung it in her house. It looks fab!


She also took home this BEAUTIFUL old cash register drawer last week.  Such a great piece! Her husband is going to use it as a caddy on his dresser to hold his change and what nots.  Great idea!


Picket fence
One of my favorite ideas of hers was to use this old fence section to hang jewelry on.  So clever! We still have a couple of these fence sections left if you want to re-create Susan's look!


Here's a collection of antlers she found at Tattered Tiques.


And here's how she displayed them in her entry.  Once again, genius.  The genius is that she hung 3 sets instead of just one.  As Susan would say, "Perfection!"


Check out Susan's blog, Maple and Magnolia, to see more inspiring ideas and uses for your fabulous vintage finds.  And if you're looking for some items to work with, stop by Tattered Tiques and grab your own fabulous find and show us how you display it in your home!  We love to see where our "picks" end up and the new life they are given!

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  1. I just adore Susan's blog too! Her decorating is perfection!
    Are you going to be open most weekends through Christmas?