Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fun Filled Fall

Today Anne and I took the kids with us to go "shop" at our Friend's place.  Afterwards, we took them to lunch and then to a pumpkin patch.  It's amazing how much fun they can have at even the tinest of places.  Kruger's is a small roadside farm stand.  It was filled with tons of different kinds of pumpkins picked from their fields, as well as all the other usual fall goods. We had quite a few people asking last week in the shop where all our pumpkins came from, so I thought I'd share some pics and information about Kruger's.

Ohio trip 572 (800x600) 
Of course we had to check out the chickens.  They were adorable.

Ohio trip 576 (800x600) 
Ohio trip 578 (800x600) 
Ohio trip 580 (800x600) 
How funny is this gal? 

Ohio trip 583 (800x600) 
"Lift with your knees Soran"

Ohio trip 589 (800x600) 
Ohio trip 596 (800x600) 
 Pumpkins are .35/lb.  What a deal!

Ohio trip 598 (800x600) 
Ohio trip 599 (800x600) 
These were sort of like birdhouse gourds, only prettier.

Ohio trip 603 (800x600) 
Ohio trip 605 (800x600) 
Ohio trip 608 (600x800) 
Ohio trip 633 (800x600) 
They even have pick your own tomato's.  Yum. 

Ohio trip 618 (800x600) 
And some silly photo ops for the kids.  Some days this is exactly what my kids act like.  A which, a little devil and even Frankenstein.  Margaret should of been the which, and Lily the little devil.  Although Soran would of been a close second for the devil!  Mac should of been the ghost, because sometimes he's so quiet.   Jack is in the right place as Frank.  Augie would of been the perfect little pumpkin, but he missed out today.

Ohio trip 587 (800x600) 
If you'd like to visit Krueger's yourself, they are located at 28572 West Route 120 in Lakemoor, IL.  You can reach them at 815-385-4981.

Next we headed out to Dairy Queen for some ice cream, and then off to Harms Farm and Garden Center in McHenry.

Ohio trip 668 (800x600) 
 This place had just about everything.  Pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks, Indian corn, mums, bulbs, apples, carmel apples, and tons of great garden plants to choose from.

Ohio trip 652 (600x800)      

They also had tons of options for the kids.  A haunted house, a maze, even a train ride around the property, and lots more.  

Ohio trip 641 (800x600) 
Ohio trip 660 (600x800) 
Ohio trip 669 (600x800) 
How cute is this place? 

Ohio trip 667 (800x600) 
This is what the back of my car looked like at the end of the day.  Notice how my vintage folding chair matches all the goodies.  And check out the awesome chippy wrought iron chairs we picked up today.  They are one of my favorite Tattered Tiques finds, and will be for sale next week.  

Stop back again soon.  I'm working on a post about our recent trip to Ohio.  The shop will be open this week, and we will also be heading out to Nada Farm, which we are very excited about.  We will post the details soon.  Make plans to visit us this week! 


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