Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Gold Rush" Part 2

There was so much to share from our recent trip to Oronoco Minnesota, I decided to make two posts.  While we were there, we were so excited to get to meet Ki Nassauer from Flea Market Style magazine.  She is also the founder of Junk Bonanza, held every year in Shakopee Mn.  If you've never gone to Junk Bonanza, maybe this should be your year.  Ki and her staff were so, so sweet and friendly!  It was very exciting to get to meet her, get autographs, and pictures taken with her. 

Gold Rush 161 (800x600) 
Um, not the best picture of me, and obviously I didn't get the memo, "not" to wear a tank top.  Anne must of known we would be getting our pictures taken!  Anyway, we were pretty geeked up about this opportunity.  Ki is sort of a celebrity in the junking world!

Gold Rush 147 (800x600) 
And now for the Junk Bonanza display, which was awesome.

Gold Rush 149 (800x600) 
Gold Rush 156 (800x600) 
Gold Rush 154 (800x600) 
Gold Rush 153 (600x800) 
Gold Rush 151 (800x600) 
This is what we needed more of on this trip.  One day was a little crazy, but manageable.

Gold Rush 148 (800x600) 
This is Ki and her crew doing a little photo shoot. 

 Gold Rush 185 (800x600)
This is what our van looked like the first time we packed it.  We had to repack it a few times more.  That's not a bad thing, it just means we had much more to pick up!

Gold Rush 186 (800x600) 
This is all just a sneak peak of what will be available this week in the shop.

Gold Rush 190 (600x800) 
Gold Rush 187 (800x600) 
Gold Rush 193 (800x600) 

You'll have to stop by for a visit.  The shop will be open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  We also have some exciting news to mention this week, so stay tuned!

For more info on Junk Bonanza, visit http://junkbonanza.com/index.php.  Or for info on Flea Market Style magazine, visit http://fleamarketstylemag.blogspot.com/. For more on what Ki is up to, check out her blog at http://junkcamp.blogspot.com/, or the website http://www.junkrevolution.com/about.php.  Hope that helps!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Gold Rush" Part 1

Last week Anne and I took off after work on Thursday to drive 6 hours to Oronoco Mn, for "Gold Rush Days".  We had heard of this whole town flea market bonanza a couple of years back and decided to give it a try.  Well, it was worth the trip!  We loved it!  It was pretty overwhelming because we only had one day to go through the whole thing.  We were overwhelmed, tired, hot, crabby, starving and had to get through it all in a day and then drive home.  I had to share with you what we saw. 

 Gold Rush 066 (800x600)
Here is just one of the many streets in town lined up and down with vendors.

Gold Rush 138 (800x600) 

Gold Rush 062 (800x600) 
Now for the good stuff.

Gold Rush 142 (800x600) 
There were some great displays at this market, but the junky looking booths were more for us!

Gold Rush 073 (800x600) 
Gold Rush 123 (600x800) 
Gold Rush 120 (800x600) 

Gold Rush 078 (600x800) 
Gold Rush 080 (800x600) 
As you can see, there was a little bit of everything at this market.  How about a gigantic, awesome steer for your yard?  He was amazing. 

Gold Rush 183 (800x600) 
Gold Rush 094 (600x800) 

Gold Rush 118 (800x600) 
Gold Rush 107 (600x800) 
Gold Rush 090 (600x800) 
I wanted her so bad, but she was way out of my price range.

Gold Rush 091 (600x800) 
Gold Rush 110 (600x800) 
Gold Rush 109 (800x600) 
Gold Rush 092 (600x800) 

Gold Rush 082 (800x600) 
Gold Rush 051 (600x800) 
I was so excited when I saw this.  It's anantique French bee skep.  It was fabulous!  I had never seen one before.

Gold Rush 069 (800x600) 
These guys were so cute and I thought about bringing them home because I have a little white westie.  But, I saved my moola and instead bought a vintage light up plastic cow.  You know how I love cows.  I figure I may not ever have a real one, so a plastic one will have to do.

Gold Rush 146 (800x600) 
This thing was so awesome.  I thought about it all day.  Anne and I finally went back for it before we headed out of town and bought it!
There is something wonderful about multiples of things and this market had a ton.
Gold Rush 178 (800x600) 
They always make for the best pictures.

Gold Rush 116 (800x600) 
Gold Rush 162 (600x800) 
Gold Rush 144 (800x600) 
We brought a bunch more of these home with us. 

Gold Rush 164 (800x600) 
Gold Rush 163 (800x600) 
Gold Rush 115 (800x600) 
Something we are addicted to.  Antique and vintage clocks.  Just can't get enough of them.

Gold Rush 113 (800x600) 
Gold Rush 097 (800x600) 

 Gold Rush 084 (600x800)
Gold Rush 089 (800x600) 
We also have a thing for stools.

Gold Rush 100 (800x600) 
Gold Rush 072 (800x600) 
Gold Rush 087 (800x600) 
Gold Rush 052 (800x600) 
These antique baby baths were from a Hungarian hospital.  They were so cool, I had to get one for our shop.  They would make great ice buckets for a party, or an adorable planter.  

Gold Rush 049 (600x800) 
Gold Rush 055 (800x600) 
Gold Rush 056 (800x600) 
And shop is what we did.  We actually bought almost all of this vendors old letters.  

I have much more to share so stop by later this week for part 2 of Gold Rush.  For more information on Oronoco Minnesota, or Gold Rush days visit  http://www.goldrushmn.com/.