Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What's new at the shop?

This past week we have been busy getting ready for The Na-Da Farm Event, as well as for this weekend at the shop.  Remember, if you can't make it to Na-Da Farm, the shop will be open this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  I wanted to share some of the new pieces of furniture we will have available in the shop, as well as some other goodies in store.

Pumpkin patch 050 (600x800) 
First of all, my favorite piece is the one that was in the worst shape.  It turned out adorable.  We had to play up all the problems and layers of paint it had. 

Pumpkin patch 053 (800x600) 
Pumpkin patch 090 (800x600) 
How cute is she?  She would be perfect in an entry hall, or even as a bedside table.  We tend to love anything with this kind of oval pull. 

Pumpkin patch 068 (800x600) 
An adorable little writing desk.  This piece is so versatile, and a very nice size. 

Pumpkin patch 061 (800x600) 
Antique dresser anyone?  This one is so cute.  We pretty much left her how we found her.  We just added a little tatter to bring out some of her story. 

Pumpkin patch 062 (800x600) 
Pumpkin patch 089 (600x800) 
We have more vintage letter bundles.  These, however, are French! 

Pumpkin patch 079 (600x800) 
Antique ballot boxes and perfectly, chippy picket.

Pumpkin patch 063 (800x600) 
Burlap ribbon rolls.  These are perfect for fall. 

Pumpkin patch 082 (800x600) 
Vintage German Limonade bottles.  They have a little porcelain topper.  

Pumpkin patch 059 (800x600) 
This is a very old market basket.  It has skids on the bottem for pulling.  We have never seen one like it.  It would be perfect with warm fall blankets rolled up inside. 

 Pumpkin patch 074 (600x800)
Pumpkin patch 083 (600x800) 
Pumpkin patch 096 (600x800) 
We picked up more Ostrich feathers.  These would be great in fall floral arrangements.

Ohio trip 426 (600x800) 
So many people have looked at this adorable little Frenchy French table.  We know it is just perfect for someone.  Maybe you?

Ohio trip 432 (600x800) 
Ohio trip 360 (800x600) 
Have you seen these yet?  The vintage eye glasses were picked up in Ohio with this project in mind.

We hope you like what you see, and come out to see it all for yourself.  There is tons more packed in the trailer, headed to Na-Da Farm.  Have a great weekend, we hope to see you!






  1. You have got some great finds! Your chests are so cute and that burlap ribbon is very cool. I have a large basket similar to yours in size and shape but no skids that I got from a dealer in my old store, love it! Found you thru Alison at Polo House. I'm your newest follower and will be back to visit often! Would love for you to visit me!

  2. Love the ballot boxes! I missed out on visiting the store this weekend... How much r the boxes? I'm in search of some wire or metal locker or gym baskets. Know where to find some? Thanks! Your finds look fabulous!