Sunday, July 31, 2011

Welcome Magenta Maven!

Tattered Tiques would like to welcome Amy, from Magenta Maven!  She has brought with her some adorable vintage inspired accessories.  Everything from rings, to scarves, to purses, headbands, pins, belt, hats, and more.  Come by to take a look, and take a little something home with you. 

July shop2 091 (600x800) 
"Chanel" just loves the Magenta Maven! 

July shop2 089 (600x800) 
How cute are these belts?  Adorable I know! 

July shop2 087 (800x600) 
July shop2 085 (800x600) 
Anne and I tried on about half of these the first day.  They are all so fab.

July shop2 086 (600x800) 
July shop2 090 (600x800) 
The cutest older gentlemen came into the shop last Saturday and bought a couple of these cute barrettes for his granddaughter for her 16th Birthday.  How sweet is that?

July shop2 115 (800x600)

That is just a taste of what we have from the Magenta Maven.  You'll have to check her out for yourself. 

We will be open again this week.  Thanks to all our new customers this past week!  And, we can't forget a big, gigantic thank you to all our repeat customers!  We love seeing you guys week after week.  You inspire us!

We hope to have lots more furniture redos, mixed in with some crafts, and some junking journeys, and maybe some chickens, and room redos, along with some of our favorite things.  We will be busy these next few weeks.  We hope you stay tuned!  I almost forgot, we are going to revamp our blog soon too.  There are so many other blogs and women who inspire us everyday, and we'd like to share them with you.  So, hence the blog redo.  We quite honestly just are not that blog savvy.  We need to take a course or two on the "how to" part of blogging.  Have a great week!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Choo Choo Restaurant

The other day for Mac's Birthday we took the 6 kids to the Choo Choo Restaurant in Des Plaines, Il.  We took the train from Fox River Grove to the Des Plaines station.  The kids were so excited!  We just had to share with you some pictures.  It is such a great day excursion with the kids. 

Botanical gardens 11' 232 (800x600) 
How cute are they?  All six of them looking out the window, perfect.

Botanical gardens 11' 243 (800x600) 
Talk about cute.  This place is adorable!

Botanical gardens 11' 276 (800x600) 
Botanical gardens 11' 274 (800x600) 
I love this sign!

Botanical gardens 11' 244 (800x600) 
We have actually never had the ice cream because the cupcakes are amazing!

Botanical gardens 11' 271 (800x600) 
Around the counter there is a train track with a train that delivers the food.  Awesome!!  We lucked out and got a table for the kids along the track.

Botanical gardens 11' 249 (800x600) 
Here are the Birthday Boy and Girl getting their lunch (Margaret's Bday is in early August, so we always celebrate her an Mac together).  By the way the nicest mom and daughter team, besides mom and Anne and I of course, work at the Choo Choo.   When I say nicest, I mean they were so nice and sweet you wouldn't believe.  I caught them both engaging all their small patrons numerous times.  Actually sitting down and chatting!  So nice!  

 Botanical gardens 11' 253 (800x600)
Now for the really good stuff.  The delivery of the most cutest, sweetest cupcakes on a choo choo train.  What could be better?  How about a special train whistle and a special Choo Choo Restaurant birthday song! 

Botanical gardens 11' 258 (800x600) 
Botanical gardens 11' 260 (600x800) 
 Botanical gardens 11' 265 (600x800)

Botanical gardens 11' 281 (800x600) 
Around the corner from the Choo Choo Restaurant is the Sugar Bowl Restaurant.  This place has been around for as long as we can remember.  Probably because our Grandma and Grandpa took us there when we were kids.  I remember how cool it was to sit at the counter and order ice cream sundae's.  They still have the counter and stools to sit at today!  So, if the Choo Choo's line is ever too long, and sometimes it will be, you could always visit the Sugar Bowl. For more information on the Choo Choo, visit them on line to plan your visit

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July Road Trip

Last weekend Tattered Tiques took another junking journey.   Mom and Anne and I  drove down south to visit one of our friends who picks great stuff.  He has a huge warehouse filled with antiques. 


TT road trip 132 (800x600) 
This is how these trips all start.  With a huge UHaul, and a ton of kids wondering why they can't come with.

On the way, we stopped in Morris Il.  We have been wanting to visit the adorable shop Whimsy.  It is filled with great vintage inspired gifts mixed in with antiques. 

TT road trip 026 (800x600) 
This shop is worth a stop if you are ever in Morris, IL.  The town is littered with tons of adorable little shops!

TT road trip 035 (800x600) 
This diner was a hoot!  We loved everything about it, especially the people.  

TT road trip 038 (800x600) 
We have a thing for great old signs as you can see.

TT road trip 091 (800x600) 
Just one more.

TT road trip 084 (800x600) 
We love to come across hidden gems like this one. 

TT road trip 081 (800x600) 
We thought we had hit the jackpot when we walked in.  Unfortunately, even though this place was a complete mess, the prices were too high for us.

TT road trip 079 (800x600) 
So much potential here! 

TT road trip 085 (600x800) 
Rustic charm.

TT road trip 057 (800x600) 
Further along, on the ride, we came across a few sunflower fields.  They were amazing.

TT road trip 067 (800x600) 
They are so cute, and charming.  Nature at it's best!

TT road trip 096 (800x600) 
And now for the not so bright side of things.  This is the storm that was waiting for us when we got to our friend Chuck's. 

TT road trip 097 (800x600) 
This is Chuck's place.  See how the storm is right over the buiding.  Scary right?  Anne and I were terrified!  We couldn't believe how no one else was flinching inside the completely metal building! It  Iitterely sounded like the roof was going to be ripped off! Mom didn't think anything of it either.  I thought for sure the storm outside was going to turn into a tornado.

TT road trip 112 (800x600) 
AHHHH.  We survived the storm.  The colors of the green corn against the blue sky were beautiful afterwards.

TT road trip 122 (800x600) 
TT road trip 128 (600x800) 

 TT road trip 127 (600x800)

TT road trip 125 (600x800) 
We came back with some pretty cool stuff!  Come see for yourself this weekend, if you can take the heat!  Tattered Tiques 22029 N. Pepper Road, Lake Barrington, IL.  We are open Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Now for the reality of a long overnight trip.  What I didn't mention earlier was......We drove down in Dad's car with the huge UHaul trailer attached, got to Peoria, and were snobs about which hotel to stay in (most were booked, so were left with undesirable choices), so we continued to Pekin, IL, where we were once again, snobs about the hotels.  Actually, we booked a room at one, went to our room, which smelled horribly of mold, so we turned around, checked out, and continued down the road.  That's when God punished us for being snobs, and the car broke down!  Yes, 11pm at night, in the middle of nowhere and the car breaks down.  So, it's back to a different hotel in Pekin for the night, where we had to call dad, to come in the morning with Anne's car, (you didn't expect us to cancel our trip did you?), but, first, we have to get the UHaul off the car so it can be towed.  This is when it really gets ugly!  The trailer doesn't come off.  The very nice tow guy tried for ever.  Now it's 3:00am and we have called UHaul to come out and remove it for a fee of $170!!   We all got to sleep at 3:30am, Dad was there in the morning to save the day by 8:00am.  It was an awesome, awesome adventure!  That's the ugly truth about this road trip.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Shop Favorites

Just wanted to share with you some of the fab finds and new creations we have at the shop.  We were very busy last week up a the cabin scouring garage sales, estate sales, and even flea markets.  Here is just a portion of what we came up with.

Julyl shop 018 (600x800) 
Have you "Sailed" into summer yet?  Mom made these adorable sail boats this week. 

Julyl shop 020 (800x600) 
Silver pieces have been very popular lately.

Julyl shop 024 (800x600) 
Look at these pink little pretties.   Check out the tray they are sitting on.  I love it!

Julyl shop 027 (600x800) 
These too.  These old decanters look great with mom's clay tags on them.  We picked them up in Three Lakes Wisconsin.

Julyl shop 026 
Julyl shop 030 (800x600) 
Love, Love, Love these.  They have so many possibilities, and at only $3.00 a piece!

Julyl shop 031 (600x800) 

The nicest lady bought this antique coffee decanter.  It makes a perfect vase.

Julyl shop 036 (600x800) 
Vintage Buttons.  Only $2.00 a card. 

Julyl shop 041 (600x800) 
Julyl shop 043 (600x800) 

Julyl shop 010 (800x600) 
How great are these old wooden signs?  I have always wanted one. 

Julyl shop 071 (600x800) 
A lovely gray dresser with crystal knobs. 

Julyl shop 070 (600x800) 
Julyl shop 069 (800x600) 
Julyl shop 064 (600x800) 

Julyl shop 076 (800x600) 
Old soft balls and base balls look so cute grouped in a bowl or basket!  Or, in this case, and old wood drawer.

Julyl shop 046 (600x800) 
Mom painted lots more vintage buckets this past week while up north.  We lucked out and found quite a few while junking.

Julyl shop 033 (600x800) 
Another adorable dresser, and great vintage wooden box.

Julyl shop 079 (800x600) 
Not new, but worthy of mentioning again. 

Julyl shop 081 (600x800) 
Julyl shop 088 (800x629) 
Hope you come out and see all these great finds for yourself!  We would love the company!  Visit us at 22029 N. Pepper Road in Lake Barrington, IL.  We will be open again on Friday and Saturday, July 8th and 9th.