Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lavender Sachet Tutorial

I just finished making 10 lavender sachets for a customer, and along the way I took some pictures in case I thought it would make a good tutorial.  Well, since it's 11:01pm and Lily and I are still wide awake, I thought I would share.  First of all I have to say my pictures were taken in the kitchen, in the evening, so the lighting is bad, and, the lavender sachets are very crudely made!  I'm not really talented when it comes to sewing, that's Anne Marie.  I can however sew very simple, things. 

Lavender sachets 007 (800x600)
First I started with the muslin, which is always on hand for ribbon.  I figured out how wide I wanted my square, and snipped, and ripped.

Lavender sachets 010 (800x600)
Then I figured out how long I wanted them to be, and I cut all the way up the long muslin piece, about the same legnth each time.  When I was done, I was left with 10 long pieces about 10 inches long each.

Lavender sachets 012 (800x600)
After cutting them all in half, I pinned them together with their mate, and ironed them.

Lavender sachets 013 (800x600)
Here is the muslin with the burlap square I cut and stamped earlier.  The burlap squares are about 3 1/3 by 3 inches, some being a bit larger.  You could always skip the burlap part and just stamp the muslin instead.  I happen to like the mix of the two fabrics. 

Lavender sachets 015 (800x600)

The next step it to start attaching the burlap to the muslin. I grabbed a muslin pair, and separated it,  choose one square and with a zig zag stitch, attached the burlap square.

Lavender sachets 018 (800x600)

I back stiched the corners to reinforce the burlap, because it frays easily.

Lavender sachets 020 (800x600)
After attaching the burlap, I ironed them all again.  Then I attached the other muslin to its mate.  Sewing along three sides with a straight stitch, then filling with lavender.  I put approximately 4 tablespoons in each.  Then straight stitch the last side and cut along the whole edge with pinking shears.

Lavender sachets 022 (800x600)
They turned out really cute.  I wanted them to look very homemade, to cover myself.  That's part of the reason I choose 2 different stiches, and pinked the edge.  If this was Home Ec class, I would not of received high marks on quality of work!

Lavender sachets 024 (600x800)
And, Done!  So cute, and so simple.



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  2. I just love these! I stumbled on your post by googling images, as I'm making burlap sachets to attach jingle bell earrings to for Christmas gifts. These are so sweet & I plan to loosely borrow your idea! Thanks so much for sharing your talents!