Friday, October 14, 2011

Autumn Drive

This is our post from last October, but I wanted to repost it because The Autumn Drive is going on this weekend, Oct. 14th, 15th, and 16th.  It makes for a perfect "Autumn Drive". I took Rt. 176 out past Crystal Lake, and turned right on Franklinville Rd. 

Looking for something to do this weekend?  

The 18th annual Autumn Drive in rural Mchenry County is this weekend.  Located on Garden Valley Road in Marengo, the festival features 12 stops along this scenic stretch.  Each stop features something different.  There are antiques, garage sales, pumpkins and gourds, arts and crafts and much more!


Stop 5 had rows of pumpkins. Large- $3, Med- $2, Small- $1.

3 for $1??? You can't beat it!

This was not my wagon, but I love what this guy picked out!  By the way, that whole wagon full only cost 6 bucks!


Soran's made his selection. One small pumpkin and 2 pie pumpkins....2 bucks.

Stop 5 also features the "Lunch Barn".  They serve food and drinks in this small outbuilding.

I parked right in front of this old building at stop 5.  Love every thing about this picture...especially the old tire.

When a place like this has a "Garage Sale" sign out front, a 10,000 man army couldn't keep me from pulling in.

OK. I actually got a hot flash when I saw this place.  This right here, is what my dreams are made of.  I LOVED this barn.  I actually asked the owner if she knew how lucky she was.  And her answer made me love this place even more...this barn was actually owned by Capone.  There is a distillery in the basement and a tall brick chimney running through the middle that they used to dump the "hooch" down when the cops came.  It would all drain out into the Kishwaukee River that runs behind the barn.

One more shot of her.  She's just perfect.  She is not part of the "Autumn Drive"...she is located a little south east a couple miles off Rt. 176.

Another fabulous day in the country!




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