Monday, October 17, 2011

Worn Goods

We try so hard to have new things in the store every week.  Sometimes there are just a few, sometimes there are a ton.  Today, I fell in love with all our new treasures.  I just love all the worn patina and history these things have.

Oct shop 075 (800x600)
I love everything about these old pulleys.  They are wonderful!

Oct shop 087 (800x600)

Oct shop 088 (800x600)

Oct shop 090 (800x600)
It would be very hard to pick a favorite, but if I had too, it would be this black one.  It's so great.

Oct shop 079 (600x800)

Oct shop 096 (800x600)
This picnic basket is so adorable.  I can just imagine all the places and picnics it's been to.

Oct shop 098 (800x600)

Oct shop 102 (800x600)
How cute are these?  They are the best I've seen.  We have sold a lot of vintage cheese boxes over the years, but non have been so perfect and cute as these!

Oct shop 093 (800x600)
We got this great table in today.  It needs just a little love, and maybe some casters to raise it up a bit.  It's a great size.

Oct shop 107 (600x800)
These are the best chippy, shabby, antique, aged and worn chairs ever.  They are just perfect! They made their debut at the Na-Da Farm event last week. 

Oct shop 012 (800x600)
See what I mean? Perfect chippy-ness.

Oct shop 027 (800x600)
Little worn industrial table. 

Oct shop 101 (800x600)
More great baskets. 

Oct shop 069 (800x600)
We have been stocking up on sleds for winter decorating.  I picked these three up on the "Autumn Drive".

Oct shop 067 (600x800)

Oct shop 065 (600x800)

Oct shop 008 (600x800)
These old time card holders would be great to hold notes, pictures and such in a kitchen or office.

Oct shop 023 (800x600)

Great color and advertising on this old wooden box.
Oct shop 024 (800x600)

Well, there you have it.  Worn Goods.  Hope you come out to see all these for yourself.  If you see anything you like, stop by for a visit.  We will be open again next week, October 20th, 21st, and 22nd. 


  1. Ever since I left your shop I've been thinking about those big baskets. Don't be surprised if you see me later this week. :)
    I guess you can tell I'm not an impulse buyer!

  2. great selection of worn goods! is that table (the one you want to put casters on) a coffee table? hope to see you this weekend at your shop!
    (Maggie Jane's Vintage)