Friday, February 18, 2011

Hannibal Missouri

I was excited to be able to visit Hannibal Missouri.  It is a very cute little town, filled to the brim with fabulous old buildings.  The streets were lined with them.  We can't forget Mark Twain,one of the world's most beloved authors.  He grew up in Hannibal, and used many of his childhood memories in his stories. 

The grainery 144 (800x600) 
Mark Twain's house.

The grainery 148 (800x600) 

The grainery 140 (600x800) 
Mark Twain's father's law office.  It is located right across the street from his home.

The grainery 143 (800x600) 
This is Becky Thatcher's home, Tom Sawyer's sweetheart. 

The grainery 137 (800x600) 
This is the view down the street from Mark Twain's house.  Can't you just picture the hustle and bustle of way back when?   

The grainery 129 (800x600) 
Love, Love, Love this old building!

The grainery 134 (800x600) 
There is something about this huge mug of root beer that makes me think the Mark Twain Dinette is worth a stop.

The grainery 154 (800x600) 
The grainery 152 (800x600) 
I am always amazed at antique architecture.  Every little detail was thought of back then.  Nowadays, buildings just arnen't as pretty. 

 If you would like more information about Hannibal, or the Mark Twain museum, visit

Interesting fact, Sam Clemens, aka Mark Twain, was born in 1835, and died in 1910, two years in which Halley's Comet was in the skies. 



Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Southern Exposure

Well, we took off again last Friday morning with dad and headed south.  South to Hannibal Missouri.  Anne had recently been looking for places to rummage for treasure and she found a place in southern Illinois.  We just had to go for a visit, only because we would of been crazy not to check out the huge, huge pole building housing all these great antiques.   So, 5 hours later, this is what we found.  A junker's dream. 

The grainery 031 (800x600) 
We were pumped to see so many bald eagles on our car ride.  They are a very common site up at the cabin, but each and every time we see one it is still as exciting as the very first.  They are such beautiful and majestic birds!

The grainery 091 (800x600) 
Is this not awesome?  We managed to spend hours in this place.  It was filled with collections.  What is better than a favorite collectible?  How about 3, 5, 10, or 20 of a favorite collectible. 

The grainery 032 (800x600) 

Of course we had to take some of these home. 

The grainery 070 (800x600) 
Meet Tattered Tiques new twins.  These two matching tables are so cute.  Not sure if they will be painted yet, maybe just cleaned off first. 

The grainery 109 (600x800) 
We love these old metal file drawers.  We brought quite a few home with us. 

The grainery 116 (600x800) 
I thought I had died and gone to heaven, as Anne's heart skipped a beat when we saw this.  It is an old hardware store display.  We had to have it! 

The grainery 094 (800x600) 
I love to see antique fans on display, they are so cool.  Anne and I limited our picks to just 3 out of the 16. 

The grainery 050 (800x600) 
Every now and then, this little guy would come around to check on us.  He was so adorable, and very, very nosey.

The grainery 088 (800x600) 
Wish we had a need for more old doors.  This place had tons of them.  Our favorite was a pale blue 6 panel door. 

The grainery 089 (600x800) 
Next time, we may have to bring some of these home.  They all had the best chippy paint on them.

The grainery 077 (800x600) 
This was one of our favorite pieces, which we may be going back for.  It is out of an old library.  We love the industrial look about it.

The grainery 082 (600x800) 
Unfortunately, this was already sold.  It is a great piece.

The grainery 054 (600x800) 
What time is it?  Time for more clocks.  We just can't stop buying them, probably because they are a best seller.  Who doesn't love an adorable little vintage clock?

The grainery 122 (800x600) 
While we were there, our new friend Chuck sold this copper John Deere statue, for tens of thousands of dollars.  Can you believe it?  It was pretty exciting. 

The grainery 119 (800x600) 
Our other favorite find.  We strapped this coop on the top of the uhaul to get it home.

The grainery 043 (600x800)

I have to admit, I was pretty envious of this spray paint display.  I have a lot of spray paint, and now know how to properly store them so they look cute.  I just need the perfect cubbies for them.

The grainery 045 (600x800) 

The grainery 068 (600x800) 
More ornaments, this time, they were in our price range.

The grainery 034 (600x800) 
See what I mean about collections.  Old radios are another one of our favorite things, their is something about them that appeal to us.  For me, it is knowing that my dear old grandfather's manufacturing company used to make parts for them. 

The grainery 135 (800x600) 
Here we are.  All filled up.  I will post more pictures this week on Mark Twain's house and the adorable town of Hannibal.





Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wintery Wisconsin

We all decided to go up to the cabin this past weekend for the super bowl.  It was a great weekend for snowmobiling and just hanging out inside the cabin.  

Cabin winter11' 092 (800x600) 
First of all, when we say "cabin" this is what we mean.  It is actually a huge, beautiful, log home.  This is the backside, facing the lake.

Cabin winter11' 025 (800x600) 
 This is four out of the six kids.  They had a blast in all the snow.

Cabin winter11' 020 (800x600) 
Margaret and Mac on a snowmobile ride. 

Cabin winter11' 057 (800x600) 
This is what a lot of the trails look like up north.  The ride is always beautiful!  I took this picture in Watersmeet Michigan. 

Cabin winter11' 061 (800x600)

The kids and I thought this was so cool. All over the Ontanogan River, there were animal tracks going to and from the holes in the ice for fresh water. 

Cabin winter11' 076 (800x600) 
Cabin winter11' 087 (800x600) 
I love the pillowy tufts of snow on the river. 

Cabin winter11' 072 (800x600) 
I have been eyeing this vintage camper for a couple of years now.  It has just sat there untouched.  It's so cute.  I actually always carry my hitch with me in the car in hopes of someday coming across one of these to bring home.  A girl can dream!

Cabin winter11' 069 (800x600) 
This is Fletch's Place.  I don't know who Fletch is, but I just love his little red cabin in the woods! 

Cabin winter11' 083 (800x600) 
This one of the many frozen lakes in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Usually, the lakes have a few ice fishing huts on them, but this one was untouched, being that it was in the middle of nowhere.

Cabin winter11' 049 (800x600) 
Can you imagine clearing trees like these to build on a lot? 

Cabin winter11' 042 (600x800) 
Back in Eagle River, the local firemen build an ice castle every year.  It is amazing to see. 

Cabin winter11' 033 (800x600) 
In some places, you can see bits and pieces of algae out of the lake, from when they cut the bricks out. 

Cabin winter11' 048 (800x600) 

Isn't this the prettiest blue? 

Cabin winter11' 089 (800x600) 
This is part of our very modest pile of fire wood.  The locals put us to shame, with their enormous piles!   

Have a great week, Anne and I are planning another road trip for Friday.  This time, we are headed to Hannibal Missouri. 

Hello Uncle Sornie!




Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Coffee Filter Flowers

We have been making these coffee filter flowers for a while now.  We sold a tissue paper version at the markets last year.  We have been asked to be in the Illinois Garden Club convention as a vendor in April, and we thought these would be perfect!  They are really cute, and don't take much time to make, once you get the hang of it.  There are probably quite a few tutorials on the internet for them, as well as the sheet music rose. 

Coffee filter flowers 024 (800x600) 
Supplies.  All of this, turns into a beautiful flower.

Coffee filter flowers 023 (800x600) 

Coffee filter flowers 014 (800x600) 
Coffee filter flowers 007 (800x600) 
Coffee filter flowers 006 (800x600) 

Coffee filter flowers 012 (800x600) 
We use vintage sheet music to make our roses, but you could use any cute paper.

Coffee filter flowers 016 (800x600) 

I like the way the tea, stains each filter differently.  This makes each flower unique, just like in nature!