Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm so eggcited!

Go-Go(my Ameraucana chicken) finally layed her first egg and it is beautiful!  OK...I know no one probably cares, but for a crazy chicken person, this is exciting stuff!  I'm new to the chicken world, and when I heard there was a breed of chicken that layed in my favorite color, I was hooked. I got Go-Go this summer, and was told she would lay in the fall.  Well, I was begining to think there was something wrong with her...until this week!  She finally started laying.


Here's Go-Go. She's my shyest chicken, so it is really hard to get a picture of her. She's sort of the loner of the bunch....always off on her own or hiding.  She's very different from the rest of the over-bearing, fearless posse.


See what I mean.  This is them a couple weeks ago when I let them out on one of our nicer days. They stood at the back door all day begging for food.  Crazy chickens.

If you notice, my kitchen walls, and boots are in the same color as Go-Go's eggs.

Here's a picture of all my girls eggs.  We have a nice mix of colors and sizes, just like my chickens!




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