Thursday, January 13, 2011

Burlap Wine Bag

I wanted to share with you the wine bag I made out of burlap.  I love using burlap in my crafts, and this is something I have wanted to do for a while. I had the perfect reason, seeing that it was my friends birthday and I needed a wine bag for her wine. 

Burlap winebag 003 (800x600) 
First, I figured out how long I needed my burlap to be.  Then I cut it, and pinned it along three sides.  I then layed the bottle down again to make sure the size would still be good.

Burlap winebag 005 (600x800) 
I then sewed up the three sides.  When I was done with the three sides, I folded down the top and stitched a horizontal stich to create a pocket for my ribbon.  I thread the ribbon through, which was not easy.  

Burlap winebag 012 (600x800) 

This is the finished product.  I added a vintage crystal for some extra flair.  Pretty cute for a quick, first try.  

Burlap winebag 015 (600x800) 
  Remember the French Birthday Tags I made earlier this week?  I added one to my wine bag and wrote a Birthday note to the back of the tag.  This was a very easy project, and it is much more fun then an ordinary wine bag you can pick up at the store.  Presentation is everything!

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