Monday, January 24, 2011

"SOLD, to bidder #144"

Well, Anne and I took off again this past Saturday, and drove to Iowa for another auction.  The auction house was packed, so we were a little skeptical about how it would turn out for us.  However, we managed to fill the car again! 

Auction iowa2 055 (800x600) 
This is at the front of the room, looking back at the crowd.  Anne and I stayed up here all day so we could see what we were bidding on really well.

Auction iowa2 046 (800x600) 

Crates, Crates, Crates.  We love them, and can't get enough of them.  This auction had a ton of really cool ones.

Auction iowa2 044 (800x600) 
See what I mean?  These Ball jar crates were so cool, and unfortunately, out of our price range.  Being that they are hard to find, everyone wanted them, and that drove the price up. 

Auction iowa2 034 (800x600) 
This auction even had the Ball jars to go with the crates.  There were tons of the blue colored jars.

Auction iowa2 057 (800x600) (2) 
There were a lot of old food containers.  I wonder why people saved such things.  Can you imagine saving a Cheerios box for 40 or 50 years?   They were really cute though.  I believe one bidder bought most of them.  I can see why people collect them, the old graphics on them are very cool. 

Auction iowa2 032 (800x600) 
There were bottles of all kinds at this auction.

Auction iowa2 036 (600x800) 
I loved this box of old bottles so much, I bid on them and won.

Auction iowa2 033 (800x600) 
This orange glazed Red Wing pottery crock sold for $800.  It was very exciting to watch.  After it sold I remembered I had picked it up early on in the day.  Had I  known, I would of stayed clear of it. 

Auction iowa2 039 (800x600) 
You can get everything at an auction.  Even art work.  There were quite a few really nice paintings that were very reasonably priced.  

Auction iowa2 041 (600x800) 
There were tons of vintage feed sacks at this auction.  Not in the best shape, but really cute.  No one showed any interest in them all day, until Anne and I wanted them.  They must have known we had good taste.  Anne walked away with two of the cuter ones!  This being one of them. 

Auction iowa2 051 (800x600) 

See all that stuff under the tables?  That's our stuff a quarter of the way through the auction.  We filled up two 6 foot tables underneath!  It may look like junk now, but just wait. 

 If you have never been to an auction, you should give it a try.  They are a lot of fun. 






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