Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Julie's Craft room

My girls and I started working in my cramped, uncreative craft room the other day to clean it up and make it usable.  After our last show, and after Christmas, the room had been used as a dumping place for Tattered Tiques, and misplaced household things due to Christmas.  With the new year right around the corner, and multiple markets on the way, I wanted to be ready to "create".  The other reason was, for Christmas, my mom got me a bunch of modular storage cubes from Michael's craft store.  Do you think she was trying to tell me something? 

Snowman 003 (800x600) 
This is the awful and very embarrassing before picture.  It sort of makes me look like one of those horders. I promise, it didn't always look like this!  It was a productive work space at one point in time. 

Craft room 004 (800x600) 
Its getting there!

Craft room 006 (800x600) 

Craft room 014 

Tattered Tiques "girls", Coco, and Chanel.  Underneath the girls, is a large, white, antique table, great for working on projects!

Craft room 007 (600x800) 
This is my desk area, mom got me that great carousel for all my stuff.  It works great for corraling all your pens, rulers, scissors, tools, and other stuff you need at a moments reach.  I highly recommend one.

Craft room 008 (800x600) 
 Another great gift from mom.  This ribbon holder has room for a ton of ribbon as you can see.  It also provides a nice self for another one of my collections, antique alarm clocks. 

Craft room 009 (800x600) 
I like to mix storage with display.  What's the point of having a creative space if you can't see what inspires you?  Those brown paper bags are just waiting to be turned from blah, to beautiful. 

Craft room 010 (800x600) 
There is something about old torn up lamp shades that I love.  They make such cute display pieces when hung.  I have quite a few we will be selling this year at the markets.  I used to have an obsession with vintage lamps. 

Craft room 026 (600x800) 
I couldn't forget the girls craft area.  It just needed to be cleaned off and beautified.  How did we do? I actually created a monster with this one.  Margaret had made me a list of things she needed for her craft area.  One of which was a ton of ribbon for her empty ribbon holder.  I took care of that first thing this morning!

Craft room 030 (600x800) 
Vintage lamp, so adorable.  Margaret also persuaded me to let her have one of my cubes to help keep her area neat.  Good idea!

Craft room2 001 (600x800) 
This is Mary, Margaret's mannequin.  She was in an ugly brown strecthy fabric until Margaret gave her new life.  She turned out really cute!  She fits right into her new creative space!



Craft room2 008 (800x600) 
Finished product.  We added a vintage chandelier for added sparkle.  It's still not worthy of the pages of Where Women Create, but I think the whole room looks awesome.  I have to thank Margaret for that, she had me down there every day for three days.  Anytime I went up stairs for something she would ask me when I'm going back down stairs.  If she would only start asking me when I was going to get back on the treadmill!!!


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