Friday, January 21, 2011

Winter Freeze

Hello everyone, hope you are all keeping warm.  It is FREEZING here in the Chicago area!   We have been working very hard at our Etsy sites.  Trying to add new things to each site every day.  Our crafty site is called tatteredtique, and our vintage site is tatteredtiquevintage.  Anyway, trying to keep it filled, takes a lot of work, between pictures, loading the info, running off to the post office every other day, it keeps us busy.   Speaking of busy, Anne and I (and Dad) are off to Iowa again for another auction.  Mom is off to one in Wisconsin.  I hope we find lots of new treasures!  We will post some pics after the weekend.  Stay warm!  Go Bears!

Etsy pics 009 (800x600) 

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