Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Iowa Auction

This past weekend, Anne and I, (and dad) drove to Iowa for an Estate Auction.  I wanted to share some photos of what was there.  We managed to fill the back of the car, but were a little disappointed because we would of liked to of brought a few larger furniture pieces back.  Even in the middle of winter there is fierce competion at an auction!  We like to keep our prices very fair, so we tend to be very cheap. 

Road trip 003 (800x600) 
This was one of our favorite pieces, but it went too high in bidding.  It is the perfect little shabby piece of furniture. 

Road trip 005 (800x600) 
These were both so cool, but again, the bidding was out of our league. 

 Road trip 019 (600x800) 
Vintage trunks are a common site at auctions.

Road trip 018 (800x600) 
There were tons, and tons of great little chairs.  Dining chairs, stools, and benches also.
Road trip 015 (800x600) 
This was our other favorite piece of furniture.  We loved everything about it.  It had cutting boards that pulled out on top, and large metal bucket drawers on the bottem.

Road trip 014 (600x800) 
This great old mirror frame came home with us.  I can't wait to make it a chalkboard.  It will be fabulous.

Road trip 011 (600x800) 
Anne snagged this adorable old chenille bedspread. 

Road trip 022 (600x800) 

There were quite a few vintage quilts, and tons of antique linens.

Road trip 024 (800x600) 
There were lots of vintage holiday items.  One of these yellow wax rabbits made it way home with Anne.

Road trip 041 (800x600) 
These little santa bells were so cute.  They came in their original box which was as cute as the santa's themselves.

Road trip 029 (800x600) 
I was drooling over all the old ornaments, which I have an obsession about.  But, unfortunately, so were many other bidders as well.

Road trip 047 (800x600) 
These guys made it home with me.  You will either see them on Etsy in the near future, or next year for Christmas.

Road trip 030 (800x600) 
Isn't she adorable.  She was in great shape too. 

Road trip 035 (800x600) 
Loads of old books and ephemera came home with Anne, including these old craft magazines.  I flipped through every one on the way home for ideas. 

Road trip 038 (800x600) 
There were a few boxes of old marbles.  We don't usually see as many large ones as we did at this auction.

Are you a fan of "American Pickers" on the History channel?  Well, on the way home, we drove through Le Clarie, Iowa to visit Antique Archaeology.  They had closed up shop by the time we arrived, but we still got some pictures in.

Road trip 055 (800x600) 
Road trip 052 (800x600) 
Road trip 050 (800x600) 

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