Saturday, March 12, 2011

Furniture Bonanza

Last weekend we took another road trip.  This time, we had an new partner.  Anne's husband Matt went along for the ride.  Actually, he drove the whole way, and packed the Uhaul beautifully after the auction.  It was nice to get his take on the whole experience.  I think he digged it!  The reason I wanted to blog about this particular trip was because it was an auction that was FILLED with antique furniture.  It was held in a huge pole barn, with two separate rings going the whole time.  If you love antique frames, and furniture, and architectural pieces, this would of been the auction for you! 

The shop 050 (800x600) 
Can you believe these two huge flats of frames.  All old frames and pictures.  Unfortunately, we had to be in the other room with the furniture.

The shop 051 (600x800) 

The shop 042 (800x600)

There were beautiful antique dishes.  This plate is absolutely gorgeous!

The shop 046 (800x600) 
These all went very high, but were probably worth it.  They were really cool.

The shop 036 (800x600) 
Beautiful blue dishes with gold accents.

The shop 005 (800x600)

And then there was the furniture.  Tons, of it!

The shop 011 (800x600) 

The shop 014 (800x600) 
I have never seen so many antique chairs as I did at this auction.  These ladies were all lined up ready to go to their new homes. 

The shop 043 (800x600) 
More beautiful dishes. 

The shop 024 (800x600) 
This old spool cabinet when for $2,000.  Can you believe it?  I have never seen one go so high. 

Now for the best part.  Would you believe this was ALL from one estate?  Yes, it was.  Unbelievable I know.  The woman who's estate this was, was obviously a huge collector.  She had great taste too!

We are off yet again this weekend on another adventure.  In the mean time, we will be working on getting our warehouse ready.  We will transform the floor next. Also, we have been working on lots of crafts lately, so I will post some pictures of them soon.   



  1. I love those furniture that they got in there. Wish I could have one of those chairs and cabinets... whew... Anyways thank you so much for sharing this in here..

  2. Wooo! These are fantastic! I like antique things. I have nothing to say but great and awesome stuffs I found here.

  3. I am a fan of vintage stuff, so this furniture really is for my taste, if I could have just one chair I'll be very satisfied :D