Thursday, March 10, 2011

Goodbye Mr. Frizzle, Hello Lady!


I hated to do it, but I had to get rid of Mr. Frizzle, my beautiful rooster. He was starting to crow a lot, and to keep the neighborhood from ousting me, it was the only choice I had. Luckily, I found a FABULOUS home for him up in Sharon, Wisconsin.

This is his new barn. Fabulous right?  He actually will stay in the little side shed in the picture with his 10 new ladies.

Here he is meeting his new ladies for the first time.  He had to make a big scene to show them who's boss.

His new owners, Melissa and Elbert, are the nicest people. She showed my whole family around their beautiful old barn and introduced us to all their other pets.  This is one of their sweet sheep.

No barn is complete without some barn cats! This one came out to see what I was taking a picture of. Turns out, the picture looks much better with him in it!


Elbert took me to the top of the barn to show me how beautiful and spacious the upper part was. I LOVE seeing the inside structures of old barns.  The work is so gorgeous.  Elbert told me the barn is sprinkled with white boards and mismatching boards because the barn was built during a war and it was hard to get lumber, so the man that built it used any wood he could find locally. Even pieces from old houses and such.  Interesting.  Looks like this barn may be housing more than chickens and sheep....

IMG_0070                       Here's what Elbert was talking about...see the white boards.


No trip to the country is complete without a chicken purchase.  Meet my new gal "Lady".  She is a blue Cochin.  She has fabulously feathered feet.  Nothing makes losing a pet easier to deal with than the purchase of a new one.

Goodbye Mr. Frizzle!  We will miss you, but you are in good hands!  Thanks to Melissa for being so welcoming to my family and giving Mr. Frizzle such a great home.  We will be back up to visit you soon!



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  1. he is a very pretty rooster and that sheep is to cute for words