Saturday, March 19, 2011

Marche' Tags

We recently made some adorable gift tags, which we are calling Marche' Tags, or Market tags.  They are over sized, and are gifts in themselves.  Each one is a unique design.  We have made many tags in the last few years and always find new ideas and inspiration. 

Crafts1 077 (800x600) 
Nests and Birds are so popular right now for spring.

Crafts1 078 (800x600) 
I love finding new ways to use vintage jewelry!

Crafts1 075 (800x600) 
This used to be part of an antique brooch which was broken.  We gave it new life.  It turned out adorable.

Crafts1 070 (2) 
On the dragonfly tag, I added an antique compass charm.  I find these often, they must of been a bubble gum or cracker jack toy long ago. 

Crafts1 069 (800x600)

Crafts1 057 (800x600) 
Here they are all lined up.  How did we do?

Crafts1 063 (800x600) 
They are filled with vintage this and that.  Images, fabrics, jewelry, and what not.  We will be selling them in the shop in Barrington, as well as on line at our Etsy shop.  Save on postage and come see us in Barrington!

There is much more to come this week as far as crafts go.  Mom has been busy making adorable things with vintage jars, bird nests, and moss and other nature inspired items. I'll post some pictures soon. 

We are off yet again headed back to Iowa.  We just love it there, and the auction houses' love us!

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