Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Birthday Orchid

It was recently our Aunt Peggy's birthday, and since I haven't seen her yet, and will see her later today, I wanted to bring her a gift.  I made a quick card out of the stuff I had on hand, just like my French Birthday Sheets.  Since I was giving her a beautiful purple speckled orchid, I wanted the card to reflect the gift.  I used a vintage orchid birthday card image I had found on the internet a while back.  It turned out really cute. 

Misc february 069 (800x600) 
This little orchid is so colorful.

Misc february 070 (800x600) 
Its closeup.

Misc february 073 (600x800) 
The card could not of been more perfect! 

Misc february 072 (600x800) 
Ready to be wrapped up and delivered.  If you would like any vintage music sheet cards, let me know.  We have sold them on etsy in the past, and I would be more than happy to add them again for you.  They come in handy for so many things, and some are a bit thicker than paper. 

And now I'm off to get the three pigs, sorry, kids ready to go see Aunt Peg and Grandma "O" for a visit.  Our Grandma Novello, is a big blog fan, and always sits and reads the blog when she is in town.  So Hello to you Gram!  And a Happy Birthday to you Aunt Peg!

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  1. Just read the blog and I cna't wait until Grandma reads it when she gets back from getting beautiful at the salon so she can read it. Thank you again for the beautiful orchid. When I saw the card with it I knew of course that you had made it but couldn't believe how perfect it was. I wanted an orchid just that size for my birthday. Uncle Warren got me a big one, you know men, more for the money. So your gift was perfect and I love the unusual coloring. Perfect as usual. Love You.Sunt Peggy