Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Etsy Chicken's

Since we recently did a post on Annie's chickens, I thought it would be fun to show some of the great chicken finds available on Etsy.  Anne mentioned a few really cute baskets and such that she came across. Here's just some of what we found.  First, I'll start with vintage feed sacks.  These things are so versatile!  I have seen them used as pillows, totes, chair covers, even cushions.

Chick Feed Sack Pillow  
This adorable pillow speaks for it's self.  It is so cute!  It is available in CatNapCottage on Etsy.  This artist has tons of great pillows to choose from, 111 to be exact!

RedComb feedsack pillow
I can't get enough of these feed sack pillows.  This one is fabulous.  It is available in LeslieJanson's shop on Etsy.  She has great stuff, be sure to check out her shop!  

Block printed hen pillow

This is available from BlockHeadPress on Etsy.  I love the simplicity of it.  This shop has lot's of great pillows!

Hubbard's Feedsack Tote
Feed sacks aren't just for pillows!  When I say I'm in love with this tote, it is an understatement!  It is so, so adorable.  It is available on GinnyMae's shop on Etsy.  She has tons of great things, be sure to check out the other totes and pillows available too.   

The gathering apron
Ok, how great is this apron.  Such a clever designer!  I could use this to go around the house to "gather" all the stuff that ends up on the floor throughout the day.  It is called the "gathering apron".  It is available in the shop FrogCreekCottage on Etsy.

The eggsential tote
Like the apron above, Anne could use this basket for collecting her chicken's eggs. This basket will keep them all safe, and check out the adorable fabric's it's available in.  It is called the Eggesential tote, clever!  You can get yourself one of these at TheDizzyBobbin on Etsy.   
 Side view Eggsential Tot
Hello, see what I mean, adorable!  I just love it.

Chicken Pendant
Ok, I couldn't leave out jewelry.  This pendant is fabulous.  Check out all the other pendants at this shop, there are tons to choose from, and all are so cute.  This is from Nakisha, on Etsy.  She makes really great stuff!

Chicken magnets
Love these!  This site on Etsy, CrowBiz's,  has awesome old prints, that they do really cool things too.  Check their shop out, there is something for everyone. 

 Chicken Yard
This artist is amazing!  Cari Humphry is her name, and she has the most vibrant, and fun artwork.  All, of which is so, so reasonable.  What I love most about her, is that she names her animal subjects.   

Annie the cow
Ok, my sister is not a cow, but this cow is named Annie.  I couldn't resist, isn't she adorable!!  This artist does lots of farmyard animals, and other subject matter to, like trains, cowboys, cars, tomatoes, etc.  Check out ArtPaperGarden, or Peacockgarden's on Etsy.  

These are just a few of our favorite chicken finds on Etsy.  You should visit these artist's shops, they are all very talented and have tons to offer!


  1. What wonderful chicken finds! Cute blog as well, thank you so for featuring my pendant!~Nakisha

  2. What a cute post! And THANKS for including my chicken feed pillow or should I just say....."cluck cluck!"

  3. Thank you for including my Gussied Up Tote with all this other fun stuff!