Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This week at the shop

We have had such a rush on mom's burlap runner's, she had to make a ton more for this week's sale.  We are so pleased you are all as fond of them as we are.  They are so versatile and so, so cute! 

Moms runners 031 (800x450)
These are the few I snagged for a photo op.

Moms runners 033 (800x450)

Moms runners 068 (800x450)

We still have a few bags of snowballs left at the shop.  They look so cute in a bowl.

Moms runners 029 (450x800)
I love these tall candles.  I find so many reasons to use vintage keys and sheet music.  They are two of our favorite things to use.

 Moms runners 003 (800x450)
I know, you've seen this done a million times, but I couldn't resist.  They are just so cute!  The glass balls we used have a slight iridescence to them, and they are really quite pretty.  As you can see, Boom Boom really likes them too. 
Moms runners 058 (800x450)

Moms runners 006 (450x800)
Nosey cat!  He ended up in 21 of my pictures.  He refused to get off the table.

I love wrapping gifts in brown paper and then personalizing it with fun things on top.  We hope you do too.  We have quite a few rolls ready to go, and tons of ideas for the top.  How about a zinc letter tied on with red and white baker's twine? Or maybe green plaid ribbon with a glittered letter tag on top.  You could even put a pretty ornament tied up on top. 

We are open again this weekend.  So come up and see us.  22029 N. Pepper Road, Unit 2, Lake Barrington, IL.  Thursday 10-5, Friday 10-5, Saturday 10-3.


  1. If you get a chance pop over to my blog and you can see how I'm using that awesome green bucket I bought from you guys.
    It is such a great piece. I just love it!