Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December Shop Pics

I hope you all had a very nice Thanksgiving!  Anne and Mom and I, and the whole Tattered Tiques family, are so "thankful" to all you who follow us online, and for those who visit us each week at the shop!  We enjoy so much seeing you all each month and making new friends.  We have met the nicest people in the last 8 months, and have had such a blast doing it! 

And now onto business....We hope you can make it out this week for a visit, but just in case you can't, I wanted to entice you with some pictures of the shop.  We try to mix things up a bit each week, and always try to have new things out for each sale.  So take a look. 

December shop 067 (800x450)
We still have some large Sugar Pine pinecones left.  These are great for winter!  They look good in a basket, or even attached to pretty ribbon and hung from a window or front door.

December shop 088 (800x450)

We now have really cute mini chalk boards which are adorable on packages.

December shop 099 (800x450)
We have filled up on zinc letters too, so now you can spell out your favorite holiday greeting.  These also would be great on gifts as an extra added touch.

December shop 097
Our burlap runners are always such a hit, so we thought we'd make some wintry ones.  We have red burlap with plaid ruffles, and red burlap with green ruffles, and even all red. Take your pick, but get them quick.  We often have to send poor mom home to replenish our runner supply.

December shop 094 (800x450)
How fab would this look on a table?  I just love it!

December shop 090 (800x450)
I made a bunch of baker's twine bundles.  There are 10 yards on each vintage clothes pin.  Perfect for tying little packages up with!

December shop 086 (800x450)
More gift wrapping supplies.  I loved this fabric so much, I just had to make ribbon out of it.

December shop 083 (800x450)

This antique Queen chicken brooder would make a great kitchen island, or even a coffee table.  Anne is in love with this piece.  The front opens up to glass panels, where once you could see the little chicks through. 

December shop 064 (450x800)
Consider this the "before" picture.  We cleaned this piece up and waxed it, and then added crystal knobs.  I guess you'll have to come up to the shop to see the "after" shot.  I love old pine furniture like this.  It shows so much history.

December shop 058 (450x800)
We think this is another one of those cabinets that would look great in a bathroom, however, it is such a nice size and could go about anywhere.  We picked it up last week up north.  Dad actually spied it first.  He's getting good at "picking"!

December shop 029 (800x450)
Mom got this great trunk in Eagle River too, last week. It is really cool.

December shop 045 (450x800)
We've decked out the table with "sweet" vintage finds.  Vintage milkglass and hobnail.  They look really cute with candy canes in them. 

December shop 049 (800x450)
Adorable. Right? 

December shop 052 (450x800)
December shop 042 (450x800)                                            I love this idea.  It would also look cute on a buffet with a mini menu in it.

December shop 036 (800x450)
Missing anyone special from your nativity?  We probably have a replacement.  We have tons of old nativity characters. 

December shop 026 (800x450)
Our cousin Dan made this sign. It would look great up on a mantel, or hung on a wall.  It's so cheery! 

 December shop 028 (450x800)                                            

 Speaking of cherry.  This Santa plaque would be adorable on the front of a wreath.  I should know, I have one very similar that I put on my front door every year.  I just love it!

December shop 069 (800x450)
We have swapped out the green for red cranberries in the chicken feeders.  It's a very festive look.

December shop 074 (450x800)
These memo boards are perfect for Christmas cards and whatnots.  They are the perfect size to put behind a small grouping or vignette of favorite things.

December shop 054 (450x800)
Our vintage sink has come in from the cold and is housing greens and our antique architectural pieces.

December shop 073 (800x450)
The stockings are hung by the chicken coop with care, with hopes that you'll soon be there. While there,  pick up one of Anne's banners.  We have Noel, Believe, and even a glittery Christmas banner.  This is one of those things that Anne is always having to make more of each week.  We can't keep them in the store for very long. 

December shop 080 (450x800)
These little guys are just too precious to pass up.  I had to blog about them again. They would make such a special gift for someone!

December shop 081 (450x800)
She is so sweet!

Well, I hope I have peaked your interest enough to warrant another visit to Tattered Tiques this week.  We will also be open next week if you can't make it out this Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.  Have a great weekend!

Tattered Tiques is located at 22029 N. Pepper Road, Unit 2, Lake Barrington IL. 

Thursday 10-5, Friday 10-5, Saturday 10-3



  1. Everything looks so great! Love all of the plaid touches! I wanted to email you, but couldn't find your address here...I am writing an article/post on occasional vintage shops and markets and was wondering if you would like to contribute with some info/quotes? I can email you if you are interested, just let me know your email address. It would just be a short q & a that I would need. Thank you and best wishes to you this weekend!

  2. The shop looks awesome - wish I lived closer! I spied a chunky and wonderful corbel on the floor in one of your photos - LOVE that!