Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dad's Wintery Picks

Our dad recently went on a picking trip up in the Northwoods and he found some pretty cool "guy stuff" as he likes to call it.

Check out these old snowshoes.  I looked them up and I think they may be from the 1800's.  Pretty cool huh?  Mom added some greens and a fabulous bow to add the Christmas effect.

This is an old pair of wooden ski's.  Once again mom added the greens to add some Christmas charm. 


These would look so fabulous in a great room or a cabin.

  The stories this old creel could tell.  


We have bunch of these old sleds in the shop.  They are all decked out and ready for Christmas. I have one I lean on the wall outside my garage door. I throw an old pair of ice skates over it to make a cute little wintery vinette.


We still have some old chicken feeders left from our summer sales. We popped the handles off, added some peas and candles and now have a wonderful authentic centerpiece!  We have some small ones and a really long one that would look so great down the center of a long table.  

We still have plenty of Thanksgiving items out too.  Stop by this weekend and grab some holiday cheer!

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