Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything

A little bit of everything.  That's what you get at Tattered Tiques shop.  We have new crafts, new furniture, and even new smalls. 

New Glarus 004 (600x800) 
I don't know if you recognize this coffee server, but it was very tarnished the first few sales.  We thought it was really fab the way it was.  Look at her now.  She is beautiful.

New Glarus 016 (800x600) 
Adorable basket full of goodies.

New Glarus 015 (800x600) 
Our newest blue dresser.

New Glarus 019 (800x600) 
I have a thing for old snack trays.  I think they make the best little dishes to keep jewerly and such on, on a dresser.  

 New Glarus 023 (800x600)

New Glarus 032 (800x600) 
Mom's newest pillows.

New Glarus 036 (800x600) 
Sorry about the window glare.  This picture is one of my favorite new pieces in the shop.  It is adorable.

New Glarus 026 (600x800) 
Mom's version of a vintage feed sack stripe.  So perfect on this chair.

New Glarus 035 (600x800) 
The cutest soon to be bride bought this dresser at the last sale, along with some other great finds.

New Glarus 041 (600x800) 
We love the way this little cabinet turned out.  It is the perfect size for a bedroom.  With ample room on top for a tv or even better, a vintage inspired vignette!

New Glarus 045 (800x600) 
We continue to add white painted arm chairs.  They are are big seller.

New Glarus 027 (800x600) 
Something for the cottage?  How about a vintage paint by number.

New Glarus 039 (600x800) 
Perfect for a nursery. 

New Glarus 022 (600x800) 
Getting ready for the 4th of July! 

New Glarus 062 (600x800) 
Mom used some old buckets and a little paint, and voila.  Adorable. 

New Glarus 060 (800x600) 
New 4th of July inspiried gift tags.

New Glarus 072 (600x800) 
More feed sack design. Both vintage and newly created.

New Glarus 058 (600x800) 
Vintage letter bundles.  Many of the letters are from WWII. 

New Glarus 051 
New Glarus 067 (800x600) 
Anne has lots of new crowns in the store.

New Glarus 068 (800x600) 
New Glarus 011 (600x800) 
New Glarus 048 (800x600) 

New Glarus 064 (600x800) 
This is not a new piece for us, it's just such a great piece, it deserves some new attention.

On Sunday, we will be vendors at Elkhorn Antique Market in Elkhorn Wisconsin.  Our booth number is #1357.  We will be crossing our fingers that we will have good weather!  If so, It could be a bonanza of a market, considering the first one of the season was a big rain out.  So, wear some comfortable shoes, and stop by for a visit.

   Elkhorn Antique Market is located at 411 East Court Street, Elkhorn, Wisconsin.  Visit for more info.





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  1. Twas great to meet you...I ran by your booth for a moment, didn't see you there but snapped one quick pic for my blog. See ya next time!