Sunday, August 29, 2010

Artsy Animals

Last weekend at Highwood Antique's Market, we met a very interesting character. Michael Hodesh from A Vintage Poster Bank, out of Cincinnati Ohio.  He was a very friendly and colorful person.  He traveled to Chicago with his huge poodle, Duke, in a vintage trailer. I wanted to share some of his artwork. 

Highwood market 044

This is Michael, who thought it would be funny to pose next to this huge rooster, but he didn't call it a rooster, if you know what I mean.

Highwood market 048

This is Duke, on the lookout.  At times, he would stick his head through the window and bark at the little dogs across the way.   

Highwood market 039

This is a close up to show you what he make his animals out of.  Old metal pieces off signs and other salvaged things.  Way to recycle Michael! 

Highwood market 035  

Highwood market 036

                           When pigs fly, a lot of things are going to happen!

Highwood market 042

I love these guys!  It would be a dream come true to actually own a donkey.  This in not what I have in mind, but they are a really cute, maintenance free substitute.

Highwood market 051



If you would like to contact this artist, check out his website of vintage posters and drop him a message.

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