Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Spring Chicken

My mind has been on spring.
I miss my chickens. I was in my third trimester this winter, so my husband has taken on the chicken coop duties. So I'm missing my girls.

And my guy.

Here's my coop in the winter.
Where's the big chicken shed you ask?  Well, I don't have one.  I started out with ducks, so my husband made me a duck house....see the little red barn?  That's the duck house.  Well now, it's a chicken coop.  But it's way too small for the girls, so my husband built a winter coop in the pen a couple years ago(its hidden by the plastic we add on top of the pen in the winter), that they have been living in year round. 

This is Missy...she's peeking out of the barn to see all the snow. 

I've been asking for a new shed for the ladies for years now, but my husband pretends to not hear me. I think he's afraid if he builds me a shed, I'll get a goat or a donkey.  I might, but thats besides the point. Well, since he had to take care of the girls this past winter(due to my pregnancy), he is starting to understand my plight. It's not easy crouching down into the coop to clean or gather eggs. So, much to my husbands dismay, I've been searching the internet looking at pictures to find the perfect coop for him to build for the girls. This Spring.

I love this woodsy, sort of rustic coop.  My yard is filled with oak trees and shade, so my greenery would look very similar to this.

                          Source: via Tattered Tiques on Pinterest

This is so fab and clever!  They made a coop out of an old cupola.

                             Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

Speaking of clever, do you believe someone made a coop out of an old dresser!

Where did they find this window? So large and fabulous.

                        Source: via Tattered Tiques on Pinterest

I LOVE the idea of using an old screen door in the coop.

                          Source: via Tattered Tiques on Pinterest

Could this be any cuter?  Hens actually do like privacy when they are laying, so this isn't just for looks. Besides being adorable, these little curtains will give you happy hens.

I would move into this coop.  I don't think I would ever leave if this was my coop. It is too fabulous. The chandelier, the art, the vintage screen door, the old upholstered's just too much for my hen-loving mind to deal with. Fab-u-lous!

Speaking of chickens, chicks are now on sale at Farm and Fleet!  These are my chicks from last year.  I usually get a couple each year... I can't wait to get some!  Hopefully, I'll have a new coop sooner than later to put them in.  I gotta go bug my husband some more.  I hear my son asking him to build him a loft bed....hey kid, get in line.  Coop first...then your bed.

BTW- The shop is open this weekend!!


  1. The chicken coops are fabulous. What fun that would be. I also love the pictures of the chickens and baby chicks.

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  3. I want that red shed with the great windows. I have no space for it, but I want it in my garden.

  4. I LOVE your beautiful chickens. I have four girls that are more my pets than chickens. I get a kick every day out of gathering the eggs. I looked for a year for a cute house and finally found an adorable children's playhouse for sale on Craig's List. A grandfather had built it for his grand girls and they had grown up so the parents were moving and selling it. Luckily I was the first call and got it. The lady said they had a slew of people wanting it. We built bump out nesting boxes on it. I need to repaint it this spring. My son lives near your home so maybe next time I visit I would love to visit your shop. Hope you are having a super great weekend.

    1. I have looked endlessly on craigslist for an old playhouse! I found one, but we weren't able to get it in time, so we missed out. I will be perusing your blog looking for pics of your ladies and their home! Sounds like we have a lot in of vintage, chickens as pets, and even a new baby in the family! I had mine about a month after your grandson! Thanks so much for stopping by, I'm so glad you found us! I stopped by your blog and am addicted! The painted rug under your patio set, the nest on your Christmas wreath, angel wings made from chicken are so talented!! I am your newest fan!