Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Use What You Have

"Use what you have, buy what you need".  Good advice that I hear often from my 4 year old.  It kills me when she says it.   I probably only said it to her once in a store when she was trying to get me to buy unnecessary things.  So, of course for this little thank you note, I used what I had. 
I literally went to the basement and gathered supplies from probably 5 different places, and then laid it out on the kitchen table.  I made a huge mess!  With the addition of Elmer's glue, a glue gun, and an old manila folder, I was ready to create.

The reason for this beautiful little creation was to say "Thank You" to my sister's friend Ann for something sweet she did for Tattered Tiques.  Speaking of "sweet"  we also sent along with the tag a box of our amazing sugar cookies. 

As you can see, I had a little of everything in my craft room.  I'm sort of a hoarder that way!  I used vintage sheet music cards, vintage typewriter keys, and the flash card and #2 Finch card are vintage as well.  I also glittered a letter A, and added my muslin ribbon, as well as stamped burlap and the cutest Graphics Fairy image.    I think it turned out pretty cute, except that you can see the #2 card coming through the clock.  That bugs me a bit.

It's always nice to have things on hand when you need them.  A Hallmark card is great, but a handmade keepsake card is even more special!   If you need supplies to keep on hand at home, we have tons of this kind of stuff at the shop for you to start with.  What have you made lately?

Remember we will be open next week Sept. 20th, 21st, and 22nd.  In the mean time, Anne and I are headed to Ohio this Thursday for junking and mom is headed to A Pec Thing this weekend in Pectonica, IL.  Hopefully we will see you next week! 

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  1. This is so so cute and wow to come up with this with stuff from around the house. I love it. I am excited to go to Junk Bonanza tomorrow. Hope we find some good Junk!!!!! Woooo Hoooo a junkin good time!!!