Monday, September 17, 2012

Beautiful Taste

I took my Lily to the Florist in town to pick up some flowers for her and Margaret's room (they share a room now so they can have 2 toy rooms, crazy I know!).  Before we left I was nervous, as she was excited, knowing  that "she" would be picking the flowers, not me.  I always have to put my two cents in, even when it's not my decision to make.  It would drive me nuts if she had picked an ugly combination, not that any flowers are ugly, but you know what I mean. 
As you can see, she did a great job, all on her own!  I was so pleased.  So pleased in fact, that I took the vase of flowers and put them in my room.  I just thought they were so cute next to the vintage clock and books.  I'll have to get my own, because these are going back in the girl's room.
Lily is a Lily Rose, so it was fun to show her all the different Lilys and Roses in the shop.  I usually stop by Periwinkle Florist in Cary, when they are at the Farmer's Market on Sunday, but we couldn't wait till the weekend.  Remember to shop local.  You keep small family run shops like Tattered Tiques in business.  That's a good thing! 

Btw- If you are in need of some paint, we will be open tomorrow morning(Tuesdsay) from 9-12pm.  We will also be open this weekend, Thursday, September 20th- Saturday, September 22nd.  Stop by and then head down the street to "Art in the Barn" at Good Shepherd Hospital in Lake Barrington.

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  1. Good Evening
    I love the choice Lilly made. She has talent like mom!!!! So sweet. I am bringing some girlfriends by on Friday to the shop so glad to see you will be open. We are having a girlfriend outing on Friday so you are on the list of places for us to go!!! See you soon.