Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gold Rush 2012'

It was a crazy last couple of days, and will only get crazier with school starting this week and having the shop open!  Before school madness starts, I wanted to share some pictures of  our Oronoco, Mn. trip.  Mom and Anne and I headed out Thursday night, late, and got to Rochester, Mn. at 1:00am.  Boy were we tired!  We started our day at 7:00 or so and headed out soon after for Oronoco.  The town wide yearly flea market is called Gold Rush. 
These olive baskets are all the rage now, and we saw quite a few vendors selling them.  They are very cool.
Love these so much, Anne and I each got a couple, and brought a few back for you.  The vendor claims they are from France.  Even better!

This old toy car is adorable.  The perfect color too.
Speaking of adorable.  Isn't she sooo sweet?  She is the Campbell's Soup doll.  We have never seen one before.  She was still wearing her original dress.

This vendor had tons of great industrial things. 

Lots of great stools to choose from.

This sign was very old, and came out of a department store.  Kinda funny isn't it?

These would look so great arranged on a wall together.
Believe it or not, this is one of our favorite vendors.  These guys are nice, and cheap!

This little guy would of gone home with Anne, had he been for sale.  He was so sweet.
We followed the One Way sign and it lead us to this guy, of course.  His whole schtick was awesome.  The vendor cart, vintage bike and even his outfit.  So great!
I wish this could of come home with me.  I'ts a beauty!

This vendor always has such great stuff, but a little expensive for my pocket book.
Looove this.

To give you an idea, this set of antique jars was $425 for the set.  Yikes.  Good thing they photograph well! 

There were cubbies of all sizes on this trip. 

These old coolers are so cute, and are great as little trash cans. Mom uses one up north in one of the bedrooms, it's perfect.
I'm ready for fall.  How about you?

I can't believe this didn't come home with Anne.  She has a little Augie at home.

My favorite booth is the Junk Bonanza booth.  It is filled with wonderful displays, and the nicest, ladies ever!   And, as a bonus, you can visit with Ki Nassauer and get an autograph and photo it you'd like. 
Love the pretty pallete of these wool shirts.

I should also mention that things are always reasonably priced as well.

Junk Bonanza is right around the corner in September.  You should make plans to visit this year, if you haven't been.  They have also added a spring show.  I spoke with the ladies about adding a venue close to us in the Chicagoland area.  What are your thoughts on that?  Wouldn't that be nice?
My other favorite vendor.  Recognize this guy?  This is Mike Brown.  He is such a nice guy, and so talented!  He and his wife and family make the most amazing things.  They travel to different markets around the county.  A couple being Junk Bonanza and Elkhorn Antique Market.  He also does Junk Jubilee in Des Moines, Iowa.  I shoud mention that he has been featured in a few magazines as well. Anne and I always try and stop for a visit.  He is always so imformative and helpful with info about the markets.
Well, there you have it.  We hope you stop by this week and say "hi".  We will be open this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  The 23rd, 24th, and 25th, of August. 


  1. looks like a BLAST!
    can't wait to come into the store again and see your recent finds!

  2. Oh my gravy, this post is a bundle of amazing pictures...I'm overwhelmed!! It looks like you saw a lot of awesome things! My favorite is the pug picture though...my little Molly looked just like that one when she was a baby. SO SWEET!! :)

  3. Hey Girls!!! My junkin' hunks took me here for my 50th birthday trip 2 years ago! LOVED it and loads of fun. You can read about it on our blog {2010, sept}. It was HOT HOT HOT when we were there...hope you had cooler weather! Your shop is going to be bursting with great finds! See you soon

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