Thursday, August 16, 2012

127 Trip South

Hey everyone, as Tattered Tiques gets ready today for yet another road trip, I thought I'd share pictures of our last one. We started this trip in Northwestern Ohio, and headed down south to Kentucky, following Route 127 the entire way.  The trip is called The World's Longest Yard Sale.  It was filled with tons of yard sales, mini flea markets, large flea markets, horse farms, old towns, and a plethora of antiques.

  127 Trip 12' 082
Its hard to get lost (even though we did at least once) when you can follow one road for hundreds of miles!  Makes it pretty easy.

127 Trip 12' 075
This was the other sign we looked for quite frequently, as we often do on our road trips.  DQ keeps us cool, and happy!

127 Trip 12' 034

127 Trip 12' 027
Isn't she the sweetest?

127 Trip 12' 021
What we saw most of was really cool antique signs.  There we so many of them to choose from.  A bit out of our price range though.

127 Trip 12' 205
Isn't she wonderful?  My brother has this same one.  Lucky guy.

127 Trip 12' 032

127 Trip 12' 062
Theater seating anyone?

127 Trip 12' 164
We loved this idea.  This was from a vendor which we visit everytime we do this trip.  She had some cute stuff this year.

127 Trip 12' 057

127 Trip 12' 054
I loved everything about this house.  It reminded me of a home you would find in France.

127 Trip 12' 058
This was the front door, dilapidated and worn, but perfect.

127 Trip 12' 152
Old homes, old buildings, old towns.  I can't get enough of them.  It's actually what I enjoy most about this trip, not the antiquing, if you can believe that.

127 Trip 12' 153
Every, old town, old building, old door, is brimming with history.  My favorite towns on this trip were in Kentucky.  Towns like, Lexington, Danville, Harrodsburg to name a few.  They are filled with historical buildings, georgeos horse farms, tobacco fields and more.

127 Trip 12' 113

This isn't a great picture, but you get the idea.

127 Trip 12' 116

127 Trip 12' 178

127 Trip 12' 188

127 Trip 12' 182
The tobacco fields were beautiful!

127 Trip 12' 183
They had georgeos color.

127 Trip 12' 053

127 Trip 12' 044

127 Trip 12' 142

127 Trip 12' 066
This picture was taken in the town we ran out of gas in.  It was brutal!  We didn't realize we were running out till we were just out of town.  It was a 25 minute walk each way back to town and then back to the car in 92 degree heat.  It sucked!  I vow never to run out of gas again.  I can't believe it actually happened.  Three women in a car and they run out of gas.  How does that happen?  It threw off our whole day after that!

127 Trip 12' 199
A rude reminder of how stupid we were earlier in our trip.

127 Trip 12' 160

127 Trip 12' 166

127 Trip 12' 174
We loved all the barn quilts we saw on all the old barns.

127 Trip 12' 192
We liked the one on the right so much, it came home with us.

127 Trip 12' 146
So did some of these.

127 Trip 12' 165

127 Trip 12' 118
Found this old guy at a flea market.  He's adorable.

127 Trip 12' 121

127 Trip 12' 130
We went crazy for the tobacco baskets.  Anne and I each got one, and brought a few home for you as well.

127 Trip 12' 139

127 Trip 12' 202

  127 Trip 12' 144
This was a clever use of the old pop crates.  Very cool!

127 Trip 12' 190

127 Trip 12' 089
While in Lexington, we stayed at the historic Crowne Plaza Hotel.  It was really nice.  The rooms were decorated with beautiful horse pictures, super comfy bedding, and the outside was the epitomy of southern style.

127 Trip 12' 087

127 Trip 12' 063

127 Trip 12' 061
Well, there you have it.  All in all, the 4 day trip didn't turn up all that much for us to bring home.  We did have a lot of fun though, as always, and I learned a valuble lesson.  Always, always check your gas.  Especially when you will be traveling on back country roads!  You never know when the next gas station will come along.

Hundreds of miles from home...cost of hotels, $375, cost of trips to Dairy Queen each day, $12, cost of gas for three days trip, hundreds of dollars, cost of goods, hundreds more dollars, cost of the lesson you learn after taking a walk down the highway with your 60 year old mom and pregnant sister after running out of gas, priceless!

Ok, now it's 5:11 on Thursday, and I'm supposed to be leaving for our next adventure in 45 minutes, Oronoco MN.  Still have to shower and pack (and my house is a mess), will I ever learn?  No!

Hope to see you next week.  We will hopefully have lots of great stuff to share.  We will be open August 23rd, 24th and 25th.  Back to shool week, I know, but if you snooze you loose!

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