Friday, June 29, 2012

What's New?

I wanted to share some of the new things we have at the shop this month.

June shop2 170
Starting with the newest issue of Jeanne D'Arc Living magazine.  We have the July issue here, as well as some May left also. 

June shop2 149
Ready for the Red, White and Blue?

June shop2 150
Isn't this perfect for some Red, White and Blue flare?  Very Captin America if you ask me....hint..hint.

June shop2 159
Mom has made more sail boats.  These are perfect for summer decorating. 

June shop2 157
We have plenty of old oars to choose from.

June shop2 145
These are authentic New England Lobster floats.  They look adorable grouped together.

June shop2 154

June shop2 152
I believe Stacey from A Sort of Fairy Tale is brining out more pillows and hankie banners this week.

June shop2 153
These vintage table cloths are perfect for the casual summer table.

June shop2 162
This adorable little desk is painted in Louis Blue and Old White Chalk paint. It has been lightly tattered.

June shop2 135
Loooove this!  This cool piece is perfect as a tv stand and would even work as a kitchen island.  Anne has dibs if it doesn't sell.  It is one of the coolest pieces we've seen.  It is the most perfect blue/grey color!

June shop2 137
This is a great little cabinet as well.  It has glass doors for the front which we have kept off for now.

June shop2 140
June shop2 171
June shop2 139

June shop pics 131
June shop pics 133

June shop2 167
Not new, but worthy of more attention.

June shop2 177

June shop2 160

 June shop pics 106
As you can see, its "time" to stop by the shop if you haven't been in a while.  Hope to see you this weekend.  We're open!



  1. looks amazing. wish i could come this weekend.

  2. Hi Girls,
    I love love love all my stuff I got this week end. I displayed some pictures on my blog so check it out. Love my pie sign. Thank you so much. You are angels and I love it.