Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Featuring Favorite Finds

Have you seen the new site available from Serena Williams from The Farm Chicks?  It is one of my new "favorite" sites to sit and get lost in.  She has you feature your "favorite finds". You can even feature your favorite shop, such as Tattered Tiques...hint...hint.  Also, upcoming shows and markets  you want to share with everyone. There is even a map that helps you find shops and events in your
area.  You must check it out.


Ff pic4
This is someones favorite find.  She paid $3 for it.  So jealous!

Another $3 find, this one from simplybungalow.  I loooove these.  Check her out, she has a shop as well!

Cement girl
This little girl has a sweet story behind her.  Give her a visit at magpieethel.  Do you get the idea?  All wonderful, and very different favorite finds.  Now for the Markets.

Ff pic1
Doesn't this market sound tempting?


And this one?  Wish we could fly out to California to visit Spellbound!

Mad hatter
Or this one in Spokane Washington.  Visit Junebug for more info.  And now onto the shoppes.Sadie olive
This has always been one of my favorite on line shops to visit.  She always has such great things!  Give her a visit at Sadie Olive.

This shop, located in Colorado, has great stuff too!  Give them a visit at Oldglory3.

Ff pic5
And this one?  Does it look familiar?  It's Tattered Tiques  of course. 

The Farm Chick Show is June 2 and 3rd this year.  Have any of you ever been?  I would love to hear about it.  It has been a dream of mine to attend, and haven't yet.  Anyone going this year?

Well, hopefully you get the idea. This site is filled with tons of inspiration and lots of wonderful things to look at. Go ahead and get lost in it! Also, be sure to check out Serena's blog, here, and go to March 30, 2012.   She mentioned Tattered Tiques!!  We are soooo happy about that!  Thanks Serena! 



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  1. I've been twice. It's a blast, I wish I could go this year!