Friday, May 4, 2012

Thrifty Outdoor Pots

I have been rather thrifty this season with my outdoor pots.  I usually spend a small fortune when they are all said and done.  Well, this year, I was hoping to make some changes.  

Antionette 109 (450x800)
I new I needed to replace the pots on the front porch, and lucked out a few weeks ago, when mom spotted some brand new ones with the tags still attached at a local thrift store, Savers.  They were a steel at only $10 each! 

Antionette 114 (800x450)
They started out an orange terracotta color, which wouldn't work for me.  So, I put my girls to work with some left over black paint.  They turned out great.

Antionette 031 (800x450)
My little helpers.  They are always asking to help me paint and since the answer is usually no, I thought this was the perfect project for them. 

Antionette 098 (450x800)
I also saved a ton on the flowers.  I picked up eight huge alyssum, at a $1 each.  I bought them in Crystal Lake at The Green House of Crystal Lake.  Anne and I have been going there for years.  We think they are very reasonable, super nice and always have a great selection.  The kids also love the huge lumberjack and American Indian statues out front.  As for the boxwood, I picked them up at The Home Depot for $16.97 each.  I could of opted for the smaller ones, for $7.00 each, but thought the larger would look better.   

Antionette 101 (800x450)

Antionette 110 (450x800)
Simple, clean and classic.  At only $31.00 each, pot included, that's some good thrifting.

Antionette 116 (450x800)
I even have some on the patio, that I planted last week.  At that time, the boxwood I bought were $4.00 each at The Home Depot.  Now that was a deal.  Too bad it didn't last that long!  These pots only cost me $8.00 each (I have two), the pots are from previous years, and they each have 4 alyssum as well.  Looks like I have some weeding to do!  My next challenge are my window boxes out back.  Hmmmmm? 

Don't forget, we are open this weekend, and Kane County Flea Market is this weekend as well!  Go see our friend Mary from An Urban Farm Girl and Co.  She will be doing her first Kane market for the season, and she has been working her tail off getting ready for it.  Please stop by her booth and give her a visit. She is located in the Arena Building, which is on the main drag, across from the office. Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Julie, they look fab! ps I'm in LOVE with your front door! :)

  2. Those urns do look great! Would have thought they were wrought iron! Had fun in your shop on Thursday with Lisa and my friend Kathy, who I brought for her first time. She is loving that cool industrial bench/coffee table she bought ~ going to try to go to Kane on Sunday, will look for Mary!

  3. Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

  4. Your urns look so pretty! It is always so nice when kids can be included in our projects! Those pots were an awesome thrift store score!
    I had so much fun shopping at TT last week!! I did a little post about it.

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