Thursday, March 29, 2012

A day with Annie Sloan

Last Saturday, mom and I attended the Annie Sloan Tour workshops in Oak Brook. It was great to meet Annie and to listen to her give the history on her company, and product. We listened to Annie for 2 hours and then we broke for lunch, and then went on to our workshops, which were led by local stockist. It was so nice to get some questions answered, as well as learn more techniques. It's always fun and informative to attend these kinds of gatherings.

  Image 3

Here are the little paint pots that will be available soon. They are perfect for trying to decide witch color you will need for your projects.(Forgive me for the bad picture quality...taken on my phone)

Image 2
 This is the Annie Sloan display. She now has a fabric line, which includes toiles, florals, and ticking stripes.

  Image 4

 And here is Annie Sloan herself, during her presentation. I have to say that she was one of the most charming adorable women I ever had the pleasure of listening too. She was very personable and quite funny too. I (Julie) am so, so pleased that we got to spend the day with her and all her talented stockist. 

Image 1
 We are in the process of getting our basic paint classes together this week, so stay tuned. Our next post should have our paint class information for you.




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