Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hey Girl....

So, I know this is totally random and off subject for us, but I just have to post these images.  I was literally in tears lauging when I came across them on pinterest.  I'm sure most of you are unfamiliar with these Ryan Gosling "Hey girl" quotes. I'm a huge Gosling fan, so I have noticed them around the internet lately. They usually say some sort of silly comment or saying about dating or movies.  But I found some on pinterest that pertain to blogging and I'm not sure why, but I think they are the funniest damn things ever.  Here is my absolute favorite:

Now, you have to understand, we at Tattered Tiques are the most self deprecating individuals you will ever meet.  We make fun of our "pretend" shop and "unworthy" blog ALL the time.  So this Gosling quote hit home hard.  I couldn't even read it to Julie over the phone cause I was laughing so hard.

So true right?  We are always talking about how we could do a post about vinettes in our house, but we would just have to zoom in really tight so you don't see the rest of the room!

He is talking to Julie here..she is famous for having glitter on her face. 

Fabric store
This one hits home for me. I ask my husband the same question so many times that he has put me at a one question maximum. If I ask more than that, he just stares at me. It's so frustrating! I wish I had a man like Ryan that liked my repetitive questions!


How true is this! Every crafter I know has a dining room filled with junk.



Too funny! OK..I'll stop. I could go on and on. If you think these are funny at all(I know some of you fellow bloggers will totally undersand this humor) check out Hand Made Ryan Gosling.  Sorry to stray from the usual vintage feel...I just had to share these.  The funniest part of the whole thing is that I feel like someone has a camera in Tattered Tiques...all these quotes are SO us. We are big dorks and it is nice to know there are other people out there in this vintage market that don't take themselves too seriously.  I can't even show this post to my husband cause he wouldn't find the humor in it....this is his life.  He has wanted to video tape the three of us all year to show people how insane we are...he's going to be mad that someone stole his idea and put Ryan's face on it.



  1. OMG Julie! We have become Ryan Gosling fans at our house since watching Crazy Stupid Love! My husband loves him and has taken on the task of recreating Ryan's abs on his body (he is pretty close I must say). He even came home with a new haircut to match Ryan's after seeing the movie....I love Pinterest, but had not seen these pictures...had to show my husband, he laughed. Then I had to visit the site. OMG too funny. BTW, My daughter loves her new desk ~ the other one is still in my garage and I have been ever so lazy about going out there to take a picture, one of these days...

  2. Loved these and
    YES, can relate!!!
    Sounds like you
    have a ball at work ~
    What could be better??
    Thanks for the
    xx Suzanne

  3. I love you girls! These are so funny! I have seen some of these that are more crafty oriented, but these ones for bloggers are killing me!!! Especially the last pic! I love Ryan and crazily enough my husband has a man crush on him too!

  4. Lol love this!! He is so gorgeous. He makes my heart melt. :)

  5. These are sooooo funnny and soooo true! I had not seen them before. Thank you for sharing!