Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Platters, Pitchers and Pop crates

We will be doing a few blogs on some of our favorite things in the up coming weeks.  So to start us off, and because we have a shop filled with these three things, I thought I'd show you how I use some of our inventory in my home.  Three of my favorite things to collect are antique platters, pitchers and pop crates.  I most often collect ironstone platters and pitchers, but any antique one that appeals to me, I grab. 

ELKHORN 082 (800x600) 
This is a huge ironstone platter filled with sea shells from our spring trip to Florida.  I also have an antique blue striped pitcher on the table filled with roses and hydrangeas from the yard.  The sailboat was picked up at Elkhorn flea market, but we have similar ones at the shop.

ELKHORN 090 (800x694) 
It all looks really cute in the family room on the $5 garage sale table I picked up at the beginning of the season.  Although, I'm not really sure what color choice I should go with yet.  The distressed black is growing on me. (please ignore the slanted pictures in the background) In the shop, we have platters, sailboats and vintage pitchers if you want to achieve the same look.

Julyl shop 003 (800x600) (800x600) 
Pop crates anyone?  I have to say that pop crates are definitely one of our biggest sellers!  We have to replenish our supplies often because of it.  I use one in the kitchen on the island to corral extra utensils, napkins, and appetizer plates.  It is so handy, and I  use it every day.  Notice the antique ironstone pitchers holding all my stuff. 

Julyl shop 004 (600x800) 
I started collecting ironstone a few years back when Tattered Tiques took at trip to Brimfield Mass.  There was so much more to choose from on the east coast.  I contained myself and brought one wonderful pitcher home as a keepsake from the trip.  I have been collecting ever since, and as recent as last week lucked out at the thrift shop in town and picked one up for $2.50.  I was excited to say the least!!

Julyl shop 005 (600x800) 
Notice the discoloration and crazing lines on mine.  I happen to love the imperfections.  I even buy vintage pitchers with chips in them, because once you put flowers in them, or display them proudly on a shelf, who is going to see those chips?  No one. 

 Anne has been hard at work transforming her dining room with vintage finds.  Hopefully she will reveal her new room soon.  In the mean time, check out http://mapleandmagnolia.com/, our friend and frequent shopper, Susan Haskins, has a wonderful blog filled with transformations.  She recently reveled her dressing room, which I will proudly say, is filled with Tattered Tiques!  Stop by her blog and see all the wonderful things she does with all her antique and vintage finds.

Have a great week and we hope to see you this Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, cause, we're open!


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  1. I found your blog through Maples and Magnolias. I wanted to let you how much I enjoyed your lovely photos, but most of all I loved your blog header. How did you get your puppy sketch done like that? It is fabulous.