Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bawk, Bawk Easter Bunny!

IMG_0735 Meet my new chick "Marge".  She is a Silkie and hopefully a little girl.If you stopped by the store this past weekend, you probably met her.  I thought it would be appropriate to introduce you to her on Easter!

This is where she hangs most of the day, except I'm usually wearing the apron.  I bought her with a buddy, but her buddy didn't make it, so she is flying solo, and she gets really lonely.  SO, I carry her around in my apron all day.  However, she does get out to play....

The boys push her around in their Ninja Turtle van. This is actually only one of her rides....she has a couple.  Her others include a spiderman race car, and a Tonka truck.  

I actually caught them teaching Augie "how to make dinner."  Lucky for Marge, she will never meet this fate.

Happy Easter everyone!


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