Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's an Earth Day Birthday!

Happy Birthday Annie! 

Marie 026 a1 (673x800) 
I wish I could give you million beautiful bouquets for your special day. But we both know that's never going to happen, so, instead, you will have to work for me today at our pretend shop, and enjoy this beautiful blog in your honor.  These pics were taken at the Chicago Botanical Garden last week (Anne didn't get to go because someone had to stay home and babysit, she got the short end of the stick). Man, I am the worst big sister ever!  I'm just kidding around!  I love my little sister very much and I hope she has a wonderful Birthday! 

In honor of Anne's Birthday, and the fact that it's Earth Day, I hope you all enjoy these amazing flower pictures I took.

Garden show 035 (800x600) 

Snapdragons, roses, stock, ranaculus, delphinium

Garden show 031 (800x600) 
Tulips, ranaculus

Garden show 029 (800x600) 
Frilly tulips

Garden show 036 (800x600) 
Yellow roses and stock

Garden show 033 (800x600) 
Hydreanga, orange and yellow roses

Garden show 027 (800x600) 

Garden show 034 (600x800) 
Sweet Heart style roses, sweet peas, and lilacs

All amazing and beautiful just like my sister!!  Happy Birthday Annie, and Happy Earth Day to the rest of you! 

P.S. Do something nice for the Earth today!


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  1. Here's one that belatedly came to mind: "GREAT"!