Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter ducklings are here!

 Every year at Easter time, the local Farm and Fleet store sells Easter chicks and ducks.  Every year, I end up taking some home.  I went today and picked out two ducklings.  I usually just get Pekin ducks...they are the large white ducks made famous by Aflac commercials.  This year, I picked out an Indian Runner duck and a Khaki Campbell.  I did order two female Pekins that will hatch in May.  I like to order my Pekin's so I can pick out the sex.  Male Pekin's grow to about 10-12 lbs and tend to pick on the other ducks, so this year, I'm going to stick with females.  I keep ducks strictly as a hobby.  One of my favorite sights is to look out into my back yard and see my ducks laying in the grass. There is something so peaceful and beautiful about them. 



The row of chicks and ducklings at the local farm and fleet. Prices range from $3.50 - $5.50.  You can also get Turkeys!

 These are the two ducklings I picked out.

Here is an old pic of the duck pen in my back yard.  My new ducklings will be living here in a couple weeks. 


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