Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chicago Botanic Garden Early Spring

The kids had a half day today, so we headed to the Chicago Botanic Gardens in Glenco, IL. It was beautiful, but very cold!  I wanted to see the spring bulbs in bloom to get some ideas of what to plant in the fall.  I don't have as many bulbs this year in my yard, I think they are getting eaten by the animals! 

Jack's 11th Bday 050 

This is the first big garden you see when you walk in the Gardens. Beautiful!  Notice all the daffodils planted on the hill across the lake.

Jack's 11th Bday 052

This is a close up.  I love this color combination.

Jack's 11th Bday 061

These purple pansie's had a frilly edge to them.  The looked adorable in mass under a tree.



Jack's 11th Bday 064 

Pink anemone.  They sell these in the garden centers each year, and I never buy them.  I may need to rethink that.  They are so colorful.

Jack's 11th Bday 069

Cushion Spurge.  I have some of this planted in my yard.  It looks so great in the spring with white tulips.  Mine, however is nowhere near this big yet!

Jack's 11th Bday 075

These tulips speak for themselves. This is another great color combination!

Jack's 11th Bday 070

My kids thought this would make a good survival shelter.  I have to agree. I'm not sure I would want to "survive" under it, but it would help if it were raining or snowing!

Jack's 11th Bday 085

Persian Buttercup, or Ranunculus. The orange are called 'Bloomingdale Tangerine'.  Very similar colors to the tulips above, but with more orange in them.  These were so vibrant!

Jack's 11th Bday 117

This is at the entrance to the "walled" garden, my favorite part of the Chicago Botanic Gardens.


Jack's 11th Bday 120

Lily family, Aurora Crown Imperial.

Jack's 11th Bday 110

Tower of Jewels, Borage Family, from the Canary Islands.  This looks so prehistoric to me, very cool!


Jack's 11th Bday 128


I love cement features in a garden. They really personalize the garden.

Jack's 11th Bday 130

I love all the aspects of this part of the garden.  Especially the boxwood hedges and of course the wall and arbors.

Jack's 11th Bday 114

We can't leave out Daffodils.  These are so buttery, yellow. 

Double Narcissus 'Manly'

I look forward to going back later this spring or early summer to see the roses and perennials in bloom!.  Anne's boys are already asking about the train garden.  Can't wait to take them!

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