Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cable Knit

Now's the time of the year to wrap yourself in cable knit.  My mom knit beautiful cable knit throws for Anne and I.  I had to show you her beautiful work again. 

They are so thick and chunky, yet airy enough to not get you over heated. They are absolutely perfect.

If you don't have a talented and very sweet mom like us, you have tons of options for cable knit throws.  These beauties are from Pottery Barn.

This one is a thicker weave like ours.  Love it.

Makes me want to jump in.  It looks so comfy.  Apartment Therapy.

These are so much fun. I love that there are so many different patterns of cable knit.

Beautiful recycling project. 

Source: via Tattered Tiques on Pinterest
Loooove this!


  1. What a wonderful gift from your mother, that is a great throw.

    1. Yes, we do feel rather lucky. Thanks so much!

  2. what a talent!! I would love to be able to knit or at least have a mom that does!!